About Cycorld MTB shorts


Cycorld is an outdoor apparel brand, manufacturer and online retailer, mainly selling MTB, Road Cycling, and Hiking apparel.

Founded in 2016 by young couple Bourne and Amy. Cycorld has developed rapidly in recent years, this growth comes from we have been a commitment to producing innovative, effective performance apparel with affordable prices and good customer service to bring premium comfort to sports enthusiasts.

cycorld padded mtb shorts


Customers First

Provide the best service for customers.

Focus Products

Create high quality, high performance and high comfort products.

Inspire Others

Encourage more people to participate in sports and make it a part of life.

Getting More People Outside.

Encourage more people to get outside. It‘s a good start for people and the planet

Our History

In search of comfortable cycling clothing for outdoor sports, young couple Bourne and Amy create the Cycorld brand, learning more about cycling, trying to design products and finding factories to work with.

The first self-developed product

Launched Cycorld's first pair of men's MTB shorts 01, which have been continuously improved through customer feedback and self-experience, successfully gaining customer love and becoming a classic model.

Men's MTB shorts

Men's cycling shorts 02 and 06 were launched, summarizing the previous experience, with sales of 25,000+ after the launch.

mens mountain bike mtb shortsmens mountain bike shorts with zip pockets

Opening of the women's sports cycling collection, women's shorts 01 and 06, which have become the most popular classics for women consumers.

womens waterproof mtb shorts womens padded mtb shorts pockets

Focus on our first customers, listening to their suggestions and optimizing the product in response to their feedback, expanded the hiking outdoor sports series, hiking pants 01(Now upgraded to ME-HK015) as the first product, with 10,000+ sales and 4.3/5(based on 6870 reviews) positive reviews.

mens convertible hiking pants quick dry

The founders came up with the new idea that "good products don't have to cost much", so that every sports-loving user can buy high-quality, high-performance products at an affordable price.

Next, we are not sure what will happen in the next 10, 20 or 50 years. However, one certainty is that Cycorld will steadfastly adhere to innovative products, listen to customers, protect homes, and get more people out of the outdoors to experience a comfortable outdoor life.

Witness Each Progress. 💪💪💪