About Us



Cycorld is founded by the young Couple Bourne and Amy, who knew each other during cycling in America. During their travel around the United States, they found that most of the products on the market are not suitable for beginners. So they founded the Cycolrd brand with a passion for bicycles, professional insight and persistent attitude, and created the first Cycorld mountain bike shorts,Brings the comfort of technological integration to the majority of bicycle lovers. This heritage of innovation and exploration infuses our designs today, inspiring people to hop on a bike and ride, from entry level mountain bikers to professional riders, back road travelers to urban commuters.


Our goal is to provide the highest quality products

We are delicated to provide the top quality cycling products to our fellow cyclists.

At Cycorld, we are committed to technical performance, progressive design, and proven quality. Every product in our range is the result of months of planning, design, and rigorous testing, because we understand the importance of details in the design and production, as they are when sprinting a section of trail.

Thanks to our exclusive technology in the production field and continuous testing by our professional team, each product of Cycorld has the best performance and can bring every cyclist a professional experience.

cycorld about us

Our goal is always the same. In order to be as passionate about life as we are, the people who are keen on adventure provide the best quality products.

Committed to promoting the development of cycling

Our passion for cycling, the rich history of the sport, and its rewarding lifestyle make up the core of the Cycorld brand – and shine through in all of our products.

cycorld about us

Strive to promote the development of cycling and provide you with more comprehensive protection during cycling.

Encourage more people to participate in outdoor activities

cycorld about us

Let more people participate and enjoy outdoor sports.  Providing quality outdoor equipment, Cycorld accompanys you to enjoy a beautiful outdoor life.

Mountain awe and protection of nature

Always yearning for the longing for outdoor adventure, always insist on the awe of nature and the heart of protection.