Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Breathing

When riding a bicycle, we have to pay attention to many details, such as pedaling, braking, shifting, steering, etc., but there is one more item that is easily ignored - breathing. Many people riding a bike, panting, breathless, heartbeat very fast, pedal hard also can not make the force, most of the reason is not the right way to breathe.

Many people will ask: breathing breathing, is not an exhale and inhale it? Is this natural instinct, but also need to learn? Yes. Proper breathing + proper pedaling frequency = free and easy riding!

The following is the "abdominal breathing" method that will help us in cycling.

When you start to breathe in, your whole body will push hard, your lungs and abdomen will be full of air and bulge, but you can't stop yet, you still have to breathe in as hard as you can. Then hold your breath for 4 seconds, the body will feel tense, and then use the 8 seconds to slowly exhale the air. Exhale slowly and long and do not interrupt. After doing the aforementioned method several times, not only will you not feel sad, but you will have a feeling of relief. In fact, if you measure the brain waves during breathing, you can see that the moment you hold your breath during inhalation, the alpha waves are loud and clear, and they also continue to appear during exhalation. In other words, holding the breath makes the alpha waves appear more easily.

Abdominal Breathing

When you do abdominal breathing and move the diaphragm, it penetrates into the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels from inside the cells, removing toxins of reactive oxygen species and promoting blood circulation. In addition, abdominal breathing stimulates all the internal organs of the abdomen with the rhythm of breathing. This stimulation is transmitted to the brain through the nerves as a self-regulatory signal for a gentle breathing rhythm, and the brain becomes alpha when it receives these stimuli.

However, most people live with shallow breathing (chest breathing), so only 1/3 of the lungs are used, and the other 2/3 of the lungs are filled with old air. If you breathe with abdominal breathing (breath consciousness), your lungs can be used completely. Abdominal breathing allows the body to fully access the function of Qi and to take in more oxygen. In this way, the blood is purified and the brain cells are activated.

In other words, slow and deep breathing under consciousness is one of the most effective ways to create alpha waves. Abdominal breathing can keep brain waves below 12 Hz, which is the time when alpha waves are most likely to appear in terms of brain physiology, and it can enhance the secretion of the brain hormone endorphin, which helps develop creativity.

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