How should you select the right bike for yourself?

How should you select the right bike for yourself?

How should you select the right bike for yourself?

Bicycle classification

Mountain bike: designed for conquering all kinds of terrain, strong frame; rim is generally 26 inches; tires are thicker; generally configured with flat handlebars or swallow handlebars

Road bike: designed for the pursuit of speed, rim 700C specifications; tires are thin, configured with crook handlebars. City recreational vehicle: more as a city transportation, commonly used in ordinary bicycles, generally single-speed vehicles, tire thickness is moderate.

BMX climbing bike: designed for the performance of skills, stable frame, wide and toothless tires, handlebars can be rotated 360 degrees, small wheel diameter, very strong operability. Suitable for young people to play.

Folding car: the emergence of models in recent years, the body can be folded, the volume is small, easy to carry, collect small rims: 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches and other sizes. Widely loved by the younger generation.

Tire classification

Mountain tires: coarse tires, good stability, low tire pressure, generally 1.5, 1.95 and 2.1 several specifications, for different purposes are divided into mud, sand road tires, characterized by a large tire width with deep teeth; dual-use tires, characterized by only a small part of the tire contact with the ground when riding on the highway and thus low resistance, while riding on dirt roads, the teeth on both sides of the tire can stabilize the vehicle; bald tires, characterized by low resistance, suitable for Road riding.

Road tires: fine tires, high tire pressure; generally have 25C, 23C, 20C, 18C and other specifications, of which 25C and 23C for training, not easy to blow, 20C and 18C resistance is small for the race.

Handlebar classification

Mountain bike: generally with a flat handlebar or swallow handlebar, the advantage is that the two-handed grip is wider, conducive to control; which swallow handlebar can raise the upper body, so that the center of gravity shifts back, more suitable for downhill car. The disadvantage is that the wind, resistance is large.

Road bike: generally with a ram's horn handle, there are 44CM and 42CM and other width specifications, suitable for their own width is the same width as the shoulder, its characteristics are to reduce wind resistance, while suitable for long rides.

Shock Absorption System

Divided into front shock and rear shock, can make the ride more comfortable, especially downhill car for the essential components; but for uphill and flat road riding will have "diarrhea" of the adverse effects, if the shock system with locking function will make the car more adaptable. For the road conditions in Shenzhen, it is recommended that only the front shock is equipped.

Transmission System

The role of the gearing system is to use the different gear ratios between the teeth and the flywheel to produce different driving torques to adapt to different road conditions and the rider's physical condition.

Mountain bike: general teeth for three gears, respectively 44 (42), 34 (32), 28 (24) teeth; rear fly for 7-10 gears, respectively 11 -28 (34) teeth.

Road bikes: the general discs are two gears with 52 (54) and 42 (39) teeth respectively; the rear fly is 8-10 gears with 11-25 teeth respectively.

Brake system

The advantage of V system is that it is cheap, light weight, good braking effect, simple structure and easy maintenance; the disadvantage is that the effect is poor in rainy days and on muddy roads. The advantage of the disc system is that the braking effect is very good, suitable for downhill biking and riding mud road, the disadvantage is that the weight is large and expensive, the structure is complex, difficult to maintain, easy to hold the wheel.

Frame Material

High carbon steel: Heavy, high strength.

Ming aluminum steel: heavy, high strength, not long life.

Aluminum alloy: light, no rust, low strength, not long life (5-6 years).

Titanium alloy: light, long life, soft.

Carbon fiber: full carbon, half carbon (and other parts in contact with the metal), good resistance to longitudinal force, but afraid of lateral force and twisting,

How to configure a bike that suits you?

From several height and length parameters to buy and adjust their own car, the price of the car is not the most important, suitable for their own body is the most important.

  • Safety height: when standing on the ground across the tube, the upper tube should have a safety distance of 4-5CM from the gears to prevent injury to the gears when getting off.
  • The relative height of the road bike seat bag, handlebar and top tube: the road bike seat bag should be at least 10CM above the top tube, 15-20CM is good, while the seat bag is about 10CM higher than the handlebar.
  • The height of the frame: choose the height of the frame according to different heights.
  • The length of the frame: in the normal grip, the eyes, the front end of the handlebar and the front wheel hub three points a line, then the frame length is just right, otherwise you can adjust the length by replacing the handlebar with a different length.
  • The height of the bag: when sitting on the bag, with the heel of the pedal to the lowest, the knee is just straight for the height is just right, so that when the forefoot force just a few CM of margin.
  • Adjust the front and back of the bag: put the stirrups flat and sit on top of the bag, if the front foot force point and the knee line is perpendicular to the ground is the right position. If you often go up the mountain, you can adjust the bag a little forward.
  • The level of the bag: it is recommended to adjust the bag to the level or slightly on the wing to improve the control of the car, does not advocate downward tilt, but still subject to personal feelings.

Folding bicycle for the crowd

Commuters:: convenient folding, lightweight body allows you to get on the bus, elevator, subway, up and down the stairs, into the office or home.

Off-site study or work: The lightweight body of the folding bike allows you to easily put it in your bedroom, office and classroom, reducing the number of bus changes, and allowing you to take it home conveniently when you go home.

Driving car or private car: ordinary car trunk can easily put up to three folding car, short trips, excursions, leisure, sports when the folding car is your best companion. Usually you can also use the folding car for the family, bring the convenience of transport.

Students: handlebars and cushions can be adjusted at will from elementary school students to adults, the body is light and low center of gravity, bright and vivid colors ...... is also the advantage of student riding,

Travel and self-guided excursions: convenient to carry, so you can experience the fun of riding at any time. Flexible and versatile journey, take you to thoroughly enjoy the unlimited scenery and freedom.

Seniors: fishing, exercise, walking, ultra-light body, safe low center of gravity, light ride.

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