How to lighten your luggage when traveling?

How to lighten your luggage when traveling?

How to lighten your luggage when traveling?

Before going out on a trip, always unintentionally bring a lot of things, only to find out after the trip that some items were not used all the way. In fact, there are many tips for packing luggage.


  1. Clean up your carry-on items, such as unused cards, nail clippers and so on, items may be small, but the accumulated weight is also a burden.
  2. Items that can not be used firmly without, such as books, masks, flashlights, etc. Sometimes you imagine yourself reading a book every day before going to bed, but in fact, playing a day you are not in the mood to flip through the book, and on the road will not, the time you spend in the car will certainly be used to catch up on sleep.
  3. Try to bring small and soft items: for example, replace your leather bag with a canvas bag, replace your large wallet with a coin purse, try to bring small samples of cosmetics, etc.
  4. Try to choose items that can be used for more purposes: for example, loose T-shirt, can be worn outside, but also as pajamas; dark curry eyeliner can also be used to draw eyebrows; flip-flops are suitable for indoor and outdoor.

What kind of clothes to bring during the trip:

  1. Versatile models, any two tops and bottoms with no sense of contradiction kind. The same applies to shoes, a pair of versatile and comfortable enough shoes.
  2. To the principle of light, biker models leather jacket, boots, woolen coats are relatively heavy clothing, compared to sports cardigans, canvas shoes, down jacket is a better choice.
  3. The same type of clothing with one is enough, such as a skirt and a pair of sweatpants.

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