How to maintain a folding bike?

How to maintain a folding bike?

How to maintain a folding bike?

For those who like to ride, it is also vital to clean your bike diligently. It is important to be conscious of maintaining your bike so that you can extend its life.

First of all, we must often wipe. Generally speaking, wipe 1 time a week, with cotton or soft cloth to wipe off the dust, and then add some transformer oil or machine oil wipe, if you encounter rain blisters, should be promptly washed with water, wipe dry, and then add some oil.

Secondly, you should not ride too fast. Normally, the fast wheels will lift the gravel on the ground, forming a great impact on the rim, so that the rim is damaged. Most of the serious rust holes in the rim are caused by this kind of reason.

Finally, the folding bicycle plating layer should not be in contact with salt, hydrochloric acid and other substances, and should not be placed in the place of coal smoke baking. Because the surface generated a layer of dark gray alkaline zinc carbonate, can protect the internal metal from corrosion, so folding bicycle galvanized layer such as the width of the bar do not wipe.

1.How to protect the folding bicycle plating layer?

Folding bicycle plating not only can make the bicycle beautiful, but also can extend the service life, usually should pay attention to protect. Don't knock the bicycle at will, so as not to break it.

2.How to extend the life of folding bicycle tires?

The road surface is mostly high in the middle and low on both sides, so folding bicycles must be driven on the right. This is because the left side of the tire is often more worn than the right side. Also, because the center of gravity is backward, the rear wheel generally wears faster than the front wheel. If you swap the front and rear tires after using the new tires for a period of time, and swap the left and right directions, you can extend the life of the tires.

3.How to maintain folding bicycle tires?

Although the wear resistance of folding bicycle tires is good, improper use will often accelerate wear and tear, cracking and bursting. Normally, the following points should be noted when using a folding bicycle.

  • The right amount of air should be inflated. If the tire is over-inflated and the air inside the tire expands in the sun, the inner cord will be easily swollen off, which will shorten its service life. Therefore, the right amount of air should be pumped, enough for cold weather, less for summer; less for the front wheel, enough for the rear wheel.
  • Do not overload. The side of various tires are marked with its maximum load weight. For example, the maximum load weight of a normal tire is 100 kg, and the maximum load weight of a heavier tire is 150 kg. The weight of the folding bike and the car itself is divided between the front and rear tires. The front wheel bears l/3 of the total weight, the rear wheel is 2/3. rear hanger on the load almost all pressed on the rear tire, overload too heavy, increasing the tire and ground friction, especially because the tire side of the rubber thickness than the crown (pattern at) is much thinner, often heavy load easy thinning cracks, bursting at the shoulder of the tire.
4.Folding bicycle chain slippage treatment method.

Folding bicycle chain will slip after a long time. This is caused by the wear of one end of the chain hole, and the following method can solve the problem of slipping teeth.

The chain hole is subject to friction in four directions, so if you open the joint and turn it over, the inner ring of the chain will become the outer ring, and the damaged side will not directly contact with the large and small gears, then it will no longer slip.

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