How to prevent finger numbness after a long ride?

How to prevent finger numbness after a long ride?

How to prevent finger numbness after a long ride?

Many cyclists (including me) feel numbness in their fingers from time to time during long cycling journeys, especially the ring finger and little finger cannot even straighten properly. What should I do about numbness in my fingers after a long bike ride?

It is a case of ulnar nerve entrapment syndrome at the wrist, which is simply caused by improper posture in cycling or improper force in the hand, and is part of the nerve damage.

Its main clinical manifestations and signs are as follows.

(1) History of trauma, strain, and long-term cold and damp stimulation

(2) Weakness or pain in the wrist joint and fingers, abnormal sensation in the distribution area of the superficial branch of the ulnar nerve in the hand, and atrophy of the small fissure

(3) Soft tissue pressure pain between the pea bone and hook bone, soft tissue degeneration and stiffness

(4) Special examination: ①positive paper-clip test ②forceful flexion or extension of the wrist joint can cause wrist pain and pain and numbness of the little finger aggravated ③positive percussion test or Tinel's sign ④positive resistance test ⑤claw-shaped finger deformity.

How to prevent finger numbness after a long ride?

Of course, there are also serious or not serious, how to be considered serious?

If you feel the pain of the fingers before going to bed at night or on the way to bed, it is already considered a serious symptom; if only the general numbness of the fingers, if it does not get better for a long time, the nerves will atrophy leading to finger deformities. So this disease is still quite harmful to bicyclists, the light will affect daily life, the heavy hand finger deformity, the consequences can be imagined.

The following are a few preventive measures.

(1) Pay attention to adjust the height of the seat handle, if the seat handle is too high, most of the weight of the upper part of the body will be pressed on the wrist, such a long ride will be more likely to lead to nerve damage in the wrist, so don't adjust the seat handle too high.

(2) Increase the resting handle or vice handle, avoid keeping a posture for a long time during the riding process

(3)Relax your wrist during riding to give the wrist nerve a proper rest

(4) Wear better riding gloves with cushioning effect. (Especially on bumpy roads, the nerves belong to a long time tense state plus violent shock, easy to be injured)

How to prevent finger numbness after a long ride?

If some bicyclists already have similar symptoms, they need to be treated promptly, and there are several ways to treat them.

(1) In extremely mild symptoms, you can soak your hands in warm water to relax, if it does not improve within a week, then choose the second point

(2) Take "methylcobalamin tablets", which can be bought in major pharmacies. This is a vitamin B12 supplement, its main symptoms are adapted to various parts of the body neuropathy, the actual ingredients are coenzyme B12, the specific pharmacology is not described, you can refer to the manual, after taking a month still no relief of symptoms, then choose the third point.

(3) In serious cases, the patient should seek medical attention in a timely manner and undergo physical therapy in the hospital.

(In addition, if this similar symptom occurs, you must immediately stop cycling, as well as prolonged pressure movements on the wrist)

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