How to protect yourself in summer riding

How to protect yourself in summer riding

How to protect yourself in summer riding

The summer heat has entered, and the scorching, unbearable heat does not stop us from riding. But we still have to face the objective disadvantages of the heat (sometimes even fatal), and it is necessary to master some common sense of summer riding for health.

1. Arrange a reasonable ride time, intensity and destination

    Here you should select a good riding time, route, itinerary, speed and destination according to the weather conditions.

    ① Use the early morning and late evening hours to ride. Nowadays, the sky dawns at around 4:30 am, and it's not completely dark until after 7:30 pm, while the temperature is high at noon and the UV rays are strong, so we should avoid this unfavorable time for our body and try to make full use of the early morning and late evening hours to ride. And at noon, choose a suitable place (usually the destination) for a playful rest, so as to avoid the high temperature and not to be easily sunburned.

    ② The route should be arranged as far as possible on a route with less traffic, flat roads and shade along the way. In fact this is in reality the most mind-boggling.

    ③ The trip is usually arranged within 100 km round trip, and the continuous big uphill don't exceed 10 km. The leader should control the speed, riding speed control in poor physical fitness riders do not have to fight to keep up, generally about 20 km per hour on flat roads, neighborhoods at about 15 km per hour, continuous big uphill when each according to the best economic speed riding. It is important to note that there should be more resting points along the way, and the team leader should inform everyone in advance of the location of the fixed resting point to gather the team, to avoid poor physical fitness riders from desperately trying to catch up.

    ④ The destination should be cool, with water, food and rest places, preferably places where you can play in the water to avoid the heat and rest is appropriate. It is best to lie down for a rest at noon, but to prevent mosquito bites, the solution is to set up a full yarn tent (inner tent) in the shade.

    2. Scientific drinking water

      First, the amount and frequency of drinking. Summer temperature is high, a lot of sweating during exercise, the body water loss is large and fast, so summer riding to drink more water than other seasons. The total amount (according to the daily trip of about 100 km) generally needs to drink 2000 to 3000 ml of water a day in summer, which does not include the amount of water contained in food and so on, that is, 3-5 bicycle water bottles (600 ml) of the amount.

      Drinking frequency, do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water, because thirst has indicated that the body has been dehydrated. As the body loses water quickly in summer, so it should be replenished in time, generally about 15-30 minutes to drink 150-200CC water (about a cup).

      But some people pick up the water bottle after strenuous exercise "dong, dong" a "cow drink", feel both painful and thirsty, do not know that this is a wrong way to drink water, easy to lead to "water poisoning ". Medical experts believe that if you drink a lot of plain water after strenuous exercise and not supplemented with salt, the salt in the blood will be reduced, the ability to absorb water is reduced, some water will soon be absorbed into the tissue cells, so that the cells "edema", resulting in "water poisoning". At this point, people will feel dizzy, dizzy, thirsty, and in serious cases, they may suddenly faint. In addition, excessive salt loss can also cause the body's neuromuscular excitability is reduced, causing limb twitching, slow reaction, self-protection ability is reduced. If you still insist on exercising in this situation, it may seriously lead to muscle and ligament strains.

      So how to replenish water scientifically? Riding with a water bottle to drink water is obviously not convenient, so it is recommended that the best conditions to use water bags, water bags not only allow you to ride at any time convenient sucking drinking water, and safe. It is reported that the same a rider in the use of water bags, not only than when using a water bottle can drink more than forty percent of the water, and drinking evenly, the body moisture replenishment in a timely manner, so the best physical performance. In addition, we should pay attention to the advance replenishment of water, the right amount of more water before exercise, so that the body in a balanced state. Secondly, the type of water to drink. It is generally known that summer body water loss with sweat and the loss of salt, so simply replenish water only solves one side of the problem, so it is recommended that the conditions, in addition to water, but also appropriate supplement a small amount of salt and potassium, such as regular sports drinks, milk and other drinks with, more conducive to physical recovery. This aspect may be benevolent, the wisdom of the wise. Personally, I know that water with salt and glucose is a very good and inexpensive drink, and then with a packet of milk is the best.

      It is important to note that a headwind will not only produce wind resistance and increase physical strength, but also make the rider feel less sweaty. But this is all an illusion, in fact, sweating will be more and faster when riding against the wind, and just not be noticed by you, because the sweat will evaporate quickly under the effect of the headwind, so you should pay more attention to drink water.

      Drinks not suitable for consumption during or immediately after exercise.

      ① Carbonated drinks

      Although these drinks can quickly take away a lot of heat in the body, but because of the large amount of gas, after drinking some will have a sense of bloating, resulting in the "already a lot of water" illusion, but in fact is not enough water.

      ② High-sugar juice concentrate

      Such drinks are rich in sugar, high viscosity, after exercise, a lot of drinking will cause intestinal peristalsis speed up, causing discomfort.

      ③ Chilled drinks

      Drinking a lot after exercise can cause gastrointestinal disorders, and in serious cases, vomiting.

      ④ Alcoholic beverages

      Alcohol, on the one hand, will reduce a person's ability to exercise, research shows that alcohol can reduce the strength, speed, muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance; on the other hand, the alcohol in beer will stimulate the kidneys to produce urine, accelerate the loss of water in the body and aggravate dehydration, some studies show that the body can lose 3% of its body weight due to water loss within 4 hours after drinking alcohol.

      ⑤ Strong coffee and tea

      These two types of beverages contain caffeine, caffeine has a diuretic effect, a lot of drinking will lead to insufficient water replenishment in the body.

      3. Sun protection and dress code

        Summer because of the strong sunlight, so a long time in the sun, it is easy to lead to skin sunburn, generally when the weather is clear, we can easily pay attention to prevent sunburn, in fact, sometimes, the gray weather, the intensity of ultraviolet light is also very large.

        We know that as the ozone layer decreases, the intensity of UV rays is getting stronger. So even including winter, you should pay attention to prevent from being sunburned by UV rays. Medically speaking when UV rays act strongly on the skin, photodermatitis can occur, with red spots, itching, blisters and edema on the skin; in serious cases, it can also cause skin cancer.

        In addition strong UV rays can induce eye cataracts. So don't neglect protection from UV rays when riding in summer because of the heat.

        There are physical and chemical methods to prevent sunburn. The physical method is to wear UV protective clothing, gloves, face shield and glasses to reduce the exposed parts. Chemical method is to choose to apply sunscreen, sunscreen smear products effective action time varies, some can only maintain about 2 hours, but also with sweat flush and failure, need to supplement the use, so generally are mainly physical methods, chemical methods as a supplement. Breathable and sweat-absorbing, light-colored, sun-protective sportswear should be worn. UV-protective cycling glasses protect the eyes, and it is best to wear UV400 or higher for cycling eyes when out and about.

        Highly use sunscreen. UV rays become stronger at higher altitudes, and it is only recently that people have discovered how terrible UV rays are at higher altitudes. Studies have pointed out that for every 300 meter increase in altitude, UV intensity is enhanced by eight to ten percent. So if you are going to ride a bike at high altitude, it is better to carry sunscreen with a sun protection factor of thirty or more.

        4. Proper diet

          In addition to the appropriate amount of animal and plant protein, summer riding should be supplemented with various vitamins. So fruits and vegetables are indispensable. Summer fruits and vegetables are abundant, so you can eat more of them. Such as tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, peaches, grapes, bananas, etc. Especially tomatoes, rich in nutrients, good value, it contains a lot of lycopene can effectively resist the free radicals, improve the skin pit UV ability. But tomatoes are not suitable for empty stomach to make consumption, this point should be noted.

          In addition, summer food is prone to deterioration, pay attention to dietary hygiene, do not eat spoiled contaminated food.

          5. Prevention of heat stroke

            Heatstroke is an acute illness caused by impaired thermoregulation, water and electrolyte metabolism disorders of the central nervous system and circulatory system disorders under the effect of high temperature and heat radiation for a long time, if not treated in time will be critical to life.

            Generally can do a good job of the above 1-4 plus ensure good sleep is not heat stroke, but still can not careless, pay attention to feel the body changes, if the occurrence of cramps, nausea, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, the pedal is unstable, limbs soft cotton weakness, inattention, uncoordinated movements and other symptoms, immediately stop riding. Immediately lie flat in the shade, loosen clothing, helmet, gloves, sprinkle water on the head, face, neck, chest, to cool the body. You can also apply cool oil and wind oil on your forehead and neck, drink light salt water, and take herbal medicines such as Ren Dan, Ten Drops of Water, and Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Shui. Do not go on the road immediately after the symptoms are reduced or disappear, please rest a little longer. If the blood pressure decreases, deficiency should immediately lie down in the shade to take cooling measures, but also promptly notify 120, go to the hospital intravenous drip saline. For severe heatstroke, in addition to immediately transferring the heatstroke victim from a hot environment to a cool, ventilated place, you should also quickly send him or her to the hospital and take comprehensive measures to rescue and treat him or her. In particular, suffering from cardiovascular, hypertension, liver and kidney disease and the elderly and frail riders, before travel should carry a good emergency drugs, on the way to control their own body at all times, feel sick in time to dispose of correctly.

            6. Anti-burst tires and V-brakes are less effective

              Summer ground temperature, combined with tire aging, high-speed rolling, over-inflation, too much weight, poor road conditions and other factors, prone to tire blowout, especially downhill when the most prone to such accidents, a direct threat to the rider's life down. Prevention method is to replace the aging inside and outside tires in a timely manner, control the tire pressure, reduce the speed of the vehicle. Long periods of hot weather on a continuous slope may also cause the V-brake to become less effective, which can easily lead to accidents. The solution is to segment the brakes on long hills to ensure that the brake temperature is not too high.

              7. Keep a steady mind

                Everyone has different physical strength and different economic speed, so physically fit riders should not dislike slow riders. Remember, only if we all play together can we have fun, otherwise you won't come on a team ride. Poor physical fitness slow riders also do not desperately chase, poor physical fitness riders do not fear that they will be left behind, because the team will never leave any rider behind, there will be a closing rider behind to protect you.

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