How to remove the odor of outdoor shoes

How to remove the odor of outdoor shoes

How to remove the odor of outdoor shoes

After a hiking trip, perhaps your shoes will be wet with sweat and odor, look at the following tips, can make your shoes say goodbye to the unpleasant smell of sweat:

1. You can take the shoes to a well ventilated outdoor area to dry, and then to the sun for about twenty minutes, this conventional odor removal method is suitable for relatively new shoes or sweating very little.

2. After each walk, the newspaper crumpled into the shoes, can effectively absorb the sweat away. The next time you wear them, take the newspaper out and put it aside to dry so you can continue to use it (better with a new newspaper), but be aware that the newspaper's lead mark may get dirty in the shoe.

3. Use activated charcoal packets stuffed into the shoes to deodorize. The kind of charcoal bags sold in the market can be, if you can not buy can also make their own, the charcoal used for grilling stuffed into old socks, and then seal the mouth, the activated charcoal bag is ready.
4. Similar to the activated charcoal bags, dried tea bags and then stuffed into shoes, can also play a role in absorbing odors.
5. Brush with hot water, but not too hot, so as not to damage the shoes, the key is to soak 3 - 5 minutes, and then brush with laundry detergent can be very effective in removing the odor.

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