MTB outer tire general knowledge

Mountain bike outer tire general knowledge

Mountain bike outer tire general knowledge

The current mountain bike (MTB) wheel diameter are 26 inches, marked as [26X1.95 (digital table outer tire thickness)

1 Off-road mountain tire

The outer tire has obvious deep tooth structure, while the spacing between the tooth pattern is relatively large, its main use for mountain cross-country, deep tooth pattern brings good grip, certain shock absorption effect and mud and other properties, in the cross-country tire is a comprehensive function of all-round products. If you are a mountain cross-country enthusiast, usually like to go to those more challenging places to ride, then the outer tire is the first choice, hesitation deep tooth pattern, in the general road riding, will come with a very obvious resistance, therefore, is also very suitable for those who need to exercise weight loss riders use, plus the mountain tire is originally very leather and rolling resistance.

2 Casual Mountain Tires

It is mainly used for riding around the city, but it can handle some lakeside roads or dry country roads, and it is a multi-purpose casual mountain tire. If you are a cyclist who usually only rides for fun and wants good grip performance, then this tire is a good choice!

3 City use bald outer tire

The outer tire is basically no different from the road outer tire, however, the mountain bike and road bike are different from each other because of the riding posture, so many riders are not willing to buy the road that only focuses on speed, but choose the comfort-oriented mountain, but there are still many riders who like the feeling of running, and a bald mountain outer tire is born. The most obvious advantage of the mountain outer tire is that the resistance is very small and can accelerate very quickly, and also The most obvious advantage of mountain tires is that they have very little resistance and can accelerate very quickly, while also allowing the bike to increase its speed to the limit, bringing a smooth feeling of riding! If you are a cyclist who focuses on speed, usually only in the city, or only on the concrete surface of the tarmac, this tire will be your first choice.

4 Multi-purpose semi bald mountain tire

With the grip performance of the mountain tire and the small resistance of the bald tire, so it can be half open. How to choose depends on their own use, such as usually go to work with the weekend to go around, down to the countryside to breathe fresh air, then this tire is the first choice!

5 Mountain tire

The outer tire belongs to the more popular outer tire, the design of a combination of mountain semi-light and bald design, for those running around, what road what road conditions can be encountered more suitable for enthusiasts, and this type of tire are more leathery, easy to repair, also become one of the preferred outer tire for long-distance riding. But it is not absolute, the main thing is to look at the preferences of the riders.

6 Mountain off-road tires

The outer tire is more suitable for gravel road tire, wide distribution of tooth pattern, span, for small gravel can be said to be handy, especially for sandy gravel road riding, but the disadvantage and mountain, resistance, this type of tire even if you full sprint, it is difficult to 45km / H.

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