Riding climbing skills

Riding climbing skills

Riding climbing skills

1. Sitting is better than getting up and pumping the bike

If you want to achieve the effect of energy saving, how should the riders attack the top of the mountain? Sitting on the seat cushion to perform pedaling action will save energy than getting up to pump the bike, the main thing is to maintain the smoothness of pedaling, there is a constant flow of energy output, the only time you need to get up to pump the bike, only when the legs feel tired, get up to move the muscles; or the slope is really too steep, have to get up for a larger wattage. In fact, in addition to pumping the bike, moderate back and forth to adjust their position on the cushion also helps.

Because on the saddle can share part of the power, unlike when pumping, the whole body weight is more concentrated in hands and pedals, maintaining normal pedaling will be more efficient for the rider.

2. Have a light body

Did you know? In fact, in climbing, because it is not as hard as sprinting, the strength needed for arms is relatively small, which is why riders who are good at climbing do not need to go to the gym. Not only arm muscles, but also climbers don't need much leg muscles. Climbing ability has nothing to do with being strong or not, it's all about cardio. If you look closely at these good GC riders in the first class team, they all look scary thin, whether it's their arms or legs.

3. The secret to not getting tired is the "number of turns"

What about the number of revolutions and gear ratio? In order to face the challenge of long distance hills, it is important to be able to maintain a relaxed pedaling, try to control the number of revolutions at 90 revolutions per minute, if it is too low, it means you are using too much leg muscles, as mentioned before, this is only feasible in short steep hills.

If you want to make your top speed soar, the best way is to practice climbing without error. Especially in Taiwan's mountainous terrain, almost every scene is a climbing race. For long distance climbing races like Wuling and Alishan, high slalom tactics can be used to deal with them, but if it is the short hill test of last year's Hualidong Tour, you have to be at your best in a 5-10 minute journey, and usually, this is when riders have to show their ability to operate heavy gear ratios.

4. The use of equipment to assist, understand where their own capabilities

If you want to climb Wuling, you have to keep outputting steadily for 2 to 3 hours, even longer, the best way is to keep yourself below the level of bursting, that is, to know your FTP (Function Threshold Power). FTP represents the highest average power that a rider can output steadily in 1 hour; let's say the limit is 250 watts, when attacking Wuling For example, if the limit is 250 watts, when attacking the Wuling, he must keep the data below it and stretch the training hours as long as possible. On the contrary, short steep slopes should exceed this number, so that the legs can get used to the feeling of lactic acid accumulation, with the power meter and heart rate meter accurately calculated.

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