There has been a battle between or rather a confusion between Trekking and Hiking as people sometimes mistake it to be the same thing for their benefit in the end. Both are voyages along the rough terrain that people suffer/experience throughout their lives. But we're here to tell the difference between them as many people might be confused by them as it all seems the same to them all. So, to learn more about these classics on foot travel adventures along the valleys, keep reading this article! 


Hiking is a recreational activity that people love to do in their free and alone time. It is when people walk along a trail of very long paths around the countryside, just walking but on a more dreadful and difficult path, especially like along a valley or a hill, climbing along the route with bags on their back for further use and help along the way as it is a very long journey indeed to take. It is usually enjoyed by young teens, physically active adults, or any other age group that feels adventurous enough or has the physical capabilities to fall away from there and reach the destination of this long hike. It is usually done in the daytime, alone or with a group of known individuals, to have company in this highly strenuous exercise. 

It is mainly done in the countryside or along the natural/nature side of the outskirts of the city, the town, or the country you're living in and has been developed in Europe during the Eighteenth century. People mostly do it to enjoy nature and have an excellent short hike and time spent in the heart.   


Trekking is an activity that is hugely, very rigorous, and physically draining to the core. It should be done with several supervisions and caution as it is a multiple-day event/trek to have/ or be on as a part. It is primarily a group activity but can be done alone as well. It's done in wild natural environments, which makes it quite hard to experience. Walking on rugged and rough terrains requires good physical fitness and no health risks. It's like a long-term version of a hike. It can be several days or even several weeks, sometimes as well. 

Most of the time, you're partially self-sufficient as you cannot go on without food and can only pack for a week in your backpack to carry with you. So, you're relying on nature and the food and accommodations provided in the way/path of your trek.  

What's the difference?  

Now that you know what these two mean individually, you will be very clear on how they are different in some contexts. But to make it much more apparent to you, here are the fundamental difference between these two as follows:  


Both hiking and trekking have different duration times as the other. Like, hiking is usually done for half a day or can be an overnight event. But while that is the case, trekking is a more extensive and long journey that is usually more than two days and can last up to more than a week or two. This makes it very different indeed.  


Hiking is done on small pathways outside the city or in the countryside (usually called the outskirts of the town) and can be a pretty easy breeze with a bit of travel to a higher altitude to be done for more fun and leisure time to be spent as a hobby or exercise. While trekking is mainly going on a weekly trip in a much wider environment, harsh terrain, and rough surfaces that can also be at a higher altitude.   


Hiking requires some lightweight packing that includes food and supplies for half a day or overnight. But in trekking, we usually do more than just food and supplies. It consists of 50-60L worth of stuff with camping and survival gear, too, as it's more required for a weeklong journey.  


Hiking is done in some hills and valleys outside your town or city or some natural environment and leisure time. While trekking is done in a much wild part of nature, like mountains, forests, and harsh terrains and valleys. Trekking, it's like going to one of those mind-boggling mystery room Bangalore, which is highly adventurous.  


Distance and Destination are critical as hiking doesn't have a destination as it's like a walk along the park. At the same time, trekking is like a long journey or pilgrimage with an essential goal to reach. 


I hope you enjoyed this, lastly, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 


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