What Do You Wear Hiking In The Summer/Fall?

What Do You Wear Hiking In The Summer/Fall?

What Do You Wear Hiking In The Summer/Fall?

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. But it can also be associated with wetness and cold. If you still want to go hiking, you should pay special attention to your wear.

Pay attention to safety

In addition to cold and rain, fog is now becoming more common. People who leave home early in the morning or late in the evening not infrequently step out into complete darkness - and thus pose a considerable risk to motorists and other road users. It is therefore recommended, at least for children, that reflectors are also present on clothing, on bags and backpacks, and on all portable accessories.

The protective layering

But what kind of clothing should be worn to protect the wearer from a nasty cold? It is advisable to dress in several layers. Starting with the underwear and ending with the jacket and pants, there should be between five and seven layers on the body, depending on the weather. It is not necessary for each of them to meet the highest standards - the interaction of the individual layers, which build on each other, ensures the greatest possible comfort and provides solid protection against the increasingly uncomfortable weather.

The waterproof outer layer

The top layer of clothing should also have special properties. The jacket and pants not only prevent the penetration of rainwater, but also ensure the evacuation of sweat. The same applies to ventilation: the arising wind under the open sky is kept away by the outer material of the outfit - but at the same time a release of the body air is possible. Such garments act like a second skin. Heat and moisture cannot accumulate, the entire body is in an optimal protective layer. This is a garment that meets all requirements - regardless of whether the wearer is moving comfortably or actively engaged in sports.

Flexible in all weather conditions

Autumn, however, also presents itself as volatile. Colder and warmer phases alternate just as rain and dryness. Wearing so-called functional clothing with the properties already mentioned is therefore recommended here. However, this should also be individually adjustable. For example, Women's Convertible Hiking Camping Outdoor Pants. Via a clever closure system, all garments can be linked together. At the same time, these outdoor products ensure greater freedom of movement and a more compact way of stowing in the bag. The wearer is thus prepared for all challenges.

Do not forget your hat and gloves!

However, even the best equipment can not keep out the cold and rain, if it is not continued in every detail. Everyone loses a significant amount of body heat through the head and hands. Moreover, with an open jacket, the neck area may be exposed. A hat, gloves and scarf therefore increase comfort and protection against infection. With such clothing, therefore, not alone succeed in defying the pitfalls of autumn. The wearer would also be prepared for an early onset of winter with his outfit - to enjoy the beautiful sides of each season.

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