What is bicycle touring?

What is bicycle touring?

What is bicycle touring?

What are the different types of cycling?

Cycling is done for any number of purposes: sports, commuting or leisure. The sport-focused cycling group is the easiest to distinguish, they usually wear colorful jerseys and pants, travel collectively on weekends and holidays, cross the bike expensive and shiny, some are training for competition and some for self-challenge, and the topic of each other is always focused on some race news or some new, lightweight bike components; the fitness-focused cycling group, although similar to the aforementioned sport-focused cycling group Although the fitness-focused cycling group is similar to the aforementioned sporty cycling group, their numbers are relatively small (for the United States), and they do not pay much attention to car accessories, and the news of the competition is irrelevant to them, they just ride their bikes for their health.

The second easily identifiable group is the cycling pragmatists, who can usually be found commuting between home and work every morning and evening. Their bicycle and car degrees can be analyzed to determine their weekend riding attributes (e.g., sporty people may ride sports cars, hobby travelers may ride touring bikes), but usually mountain bikes or mixed-use bikes are the most common. The recreational cycling group is the largest and most difficult group to define. They do not dress a certain way, ride in different places, and ride different types of bikes. They may cruise alone or in groups on urban bike trails, dirt trails through forests, or in the countryside. Simply put, they are not interested in pursuing speed or using their bikes as a mere means of transportation, they are only interested in enjoying the ride. Of course they may also be riding for the sake of health and wellness, but they will not need a heartbeat watch to monitor their heartbeat to that extent. Cycling is a leisure activity, but leisure cycling is not the same as cycling.

What is bicycle touring?

A casual cyclist is not necessarily a cyclist, so what is a cycling trip? Travel is a process of going from place A to place B. Usually it implies a certain level of adventure. Although bicycle travelers hope to explore the world through bicycles, it is not necessary to ride for more than a few hours to enjoy the pleasure of bicycle travel. Where I live, I often take a map with me and explore the nearby roads at my leisure.

What is a cycling activity?

A few miles of riding in the countryside at dusk or on weekends to enjoy the outdoors and the scenery along the trails can be considered a cycling activity. Cycling clubs often arrange trips of 20 to 50 miles or more, and it is important to know the group's cycling pace before participating in such trips, as many people believe that an average speed of 20 mph is required for a cycling trip. Cycling groups may have several days of riding in the summer, and their trips may include both straight roads and rugged mountain passes with scenic views or a few famous sites as the focus of the trip. Participants on these trips may have to camp or stay in hotels, and all the supplies needed for overnight stays can be left on the accompanying supply truck or carried on your own. When a bike breaks down, some groups will have a mechanic on board, some will provide tools or a spare bike, and some will help transport the broken down person to a bike store or the next rest stop, while most will expect you to troubleshoot the problem yourself. Traveling alone or with a small group of friends is most common, with some people staying overnight in motels and others camping, and they may be simply equipped but well planned.

What kind of bikes do bicycle travelers ride?

They choose their bikes according to the nature of the roads they ride and the distance they travel. Bicycles used for touring basically

1. Longer rear forks to accommodate saddlebags and increase riding comfort and stability.
2. Medium sized tires for dirt and gravel and not causing too much resistance on tarmac.
3. Special screw holes on the frame for adding mudguards and racks. Cyclists will add some accessories to their bikes that cyclists can't stand: racks, fenders, saddlebags, head bags, and front and rear lights. Saddlebags hang on both sides of the car to carry a large number of items, head bags are convenient to take things when people do not have to get off, fenders are quite useful in light rain or wet road, lights have a warning to remind others to protect the role of cyclists.

    Is it necessary to have a special car for travel?

    Of course you can't expect it to carry as much stuff as a travel bike, but a bike that only carries light luggage should be lighter and more sporty. Multi-purpose bikes and mountain bikes with racks and fenders are often used as touring bikes, so it's a good idea to add a resting place for them to rest their hands. When the journey is generally flat, the outer tire of the mountain bike should be replaced with narrow tires to reduce resistance and weight.

    What can we do about the content of the trip?

    Some people like to ride out for a weekend to find a restaurant, others aim for a two-night trip to a nearby town.

    For many, travel is a social activity, a time to share quality time with colleagues, kids and friends. You can make new friends by joining a local cycling club, if the group has activities you enjoy. Local stores are also a great place to meet other cyclists, and sometimes people you meet on the road become good friends. As a nature lover, I use my travels to seek out experiences in the natural world. I love to gaze at the arrival of spring, when the trees are full of new leaves and the flowers are in the path. In the height of summer, I ride along the lakes and find a place to stop and swim. Autumn brings a colorful array of reds, yellows, browns and greens, and if I happen to ride in the first snow, it's a rare and enjoyable experience. When I come back from a night ride, the sky is always full of stars, and sometimes I see shooting stars. Cycling has brought me closer and closer to nature, I can stop anywhere, and I especially love to rest in the quiet trees by the stream.

    Whatever your interests are, find something that makes your trip seem relatively meaningful, and you'll be able to continue your cycling hobby for a long time.

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