What is the Best Clothing for Cycling?

What is the Best Clothing for Cycling?

What is the Best Clothing for Cycling?

Adventuring over two wheels is one of the best feels to have. Whether you are discovering new adventure scenes for the first time or if you are a professional cyclist, you might have felt a need for proper kit and clothing for cycling, haven't you? Cycling has become more than just a hobby, sport, or mode of transportation. And it's a whole lifestyle in itself. And to make the best of anything, you should practice all the precautions and recommended approaches to enjoy it to the fullest.

Undoubtedly, having the proper equipment, kits, and the right combination of clothing can make a great difference in your overall riding experience. If you are a professional cyclist, bike-specific clothing can help you provide comfort while riding but also helps increase your performance and visibility, among others.

There are several clothing lines that we wear based on different weather conditions. We have compiled essential tips on the best clothing line to wear when cycling in summer, winter, autumn, or spring so that you don't sweat or tremble.

If you are a clothing brand and your target audience is cyclists or professional sportspeople, this article will be helpful for you. You will know precisely what clothing line you should order from a custom apparel manufacturer.

This article focuses on the best clothing line for cycling that you can wear to have maximum performance & comfort while riding a bike. So, let's break down the article and find out the best clothing options you have:

Bike Helmet

First things first, the very first safety measure and essential part of your cycling clothing line should be your bike helmet. Headwear is something that every cyclist or rider should wear. Fortunately, there isn't a wide array of options for you to pick from. It's good that you can pick up any type of helmet for your commute. Bike helmets are evolving products, which are changed in terms of designs from time to time, so you are free to choose any bike helmet that fits right according to your head.

Bike Jerseys

Whether bike riding or cycling, bike jerseys are an essential part of your clothing kit, if you ride a bike and cycle daily, you can maximize your performance by wearing a bike jersey.

The bike jersey is made of breathable spandex material, quickly absorbing, drying, and moisture-wicking. It offers an aero dynamics structure with a fitted cutting over your body when you wear it. Its moisture-wicking, absorbing, and air ventilation system allows the wearer to feel cool and stable while riding the bike.

A couple of features could be included in your jersey based on what features and quality you want in it. You can connect with a fitness clothing manufacturer and ask them to add specific features to your clothing based on the feature you wish to cover your clothing line.

The bike jersey offers the following features

  • A tall collar or flip-up collar from which you can cover up your neck to protect it from sun contact.
  • Wider cut for a shoulder which ensures comfort and flexible movement of arms around
  • Front zipper to ensure the air ventilation when you are riding the bike
  • Easy to access pockets on the back so that you are easily carrying your essentials
  • A full cover from the backside when you lean forward while riding the bike.
  • A reflective patch over your jersey reflects the lights coming against you to prevent you from having accidents.
  • Long sleeves to save your full arms, wrist, and arms from intense heat or cold, benefitting in both ways.
  • A denser material is used for production to add insulation to your suit.

Cycling Jackets

Cycling jackets are also another essential part of your clothing kit for bike riding. The cycle jackets are primarily used for two main reasons: they block the wind when it's too freezing and cold out there and allow good air ventilation to keep your body dry and cool during summers. Most cyclist use jackets for both reasons.

Cycling jackets are an optional part you might want to wear on several occasions. Note that different jackets are made of different materials, so their features may vary. Jackets made of spandex material may offer less comfort compared to cotton jackets. Moreover, your cycling jacket needs also depend on a couple of more factors such as:


Rain is an essential factor to consider. If you will be using your bike as a commute in your everyday life and if you usually live in a city where it rains, you should wear a cycling jacket. In this case, a waterproof jacket is better than a standard water-resistant jacket. Moreover, when we are talking about jackets it's important to have a jacket that is breathable too and waterproof.

Such type of jackets is made up of Gore-Tex fabric. So, if you are looking for such jackets, you should buy a jacket made up of the above-mentioned fabric as this material are best for high exertion activities like bike riding, sports, and cycling.


Hoods are another great alternative to jackets. A hood is the best option if you have a jacket covering your head and ears. You can choose any from the attachable or detachable hood as both their own benefits respectively. Yeah, we know what you are thinking. What is the point of having a hoodie when you are wearing a helmet.

Well, hoodies can be extremely useful to cover your whole head, and neck from sun rays or rain. You can wear your hoodie and then place a helmet over it to see if it fits over your head or not, or you can also cover your head from above after wearing a helmet.

Zipper Sleeves

If you are conscious about your skin, zipper sleeves are another essential component in your cycling journey. Typically cycling shirts are half sleeves, so bikers or cyclist uses zipper sleeves to keep their hands, wrist, and whole arm safe from direct exposure to ultraviolet Rays (UV Rays). Moreover, you can also cover up your arms using zipper sleeves when it is too cold or remove the sleeves based on your comfort level.


When we out talking about the whole clothing of cyclists, how can we not add the shoes? No doubt, we can't deny that shoes are essential. Well, you might not know, but your shoe style for cycling depends on the type of pedal you have in your cycles. If you have a basic type of pedal, you can wear any shoes. An essential shoe having a strong sole or a basic pair will do the job efficiently.

On the other side, if your bike has clipless pedals, you will need a pair of shoes that can easily engage and contact the pedals. This means that it's critical to consider what type of pedals your cycle has so that you can get compatible shoes with it.

And to escape the rain, you can use shoes or a toe cover that covers the whole shoe from your ankle to toe so that your shoes and foot stay clean even from the rain, dirt, or mud. Moreover, you can also use shoe covers to keep your feet warmer in low temperatures.


While cycling or playing any sports, your foot sweat a lot when you can cycle, you might end be falling because of the slippering foot in all sweaty foot, and it might also create an infection around the nails of your toe, so you have to be careful in such matters. You should buy a pair of socks made up of synthetic materials such as nylon or synthetic as it's pretty helpful in perspiration. You are advised to avoid cotton socks as they are light in fabric and have less ability to absorb liquid or vapors.

Also, merino is another natural material that clothing manufacturers widely use to produce socks. Remember that a thinner quality socks material allows you to fit into your shoes and provides a good grip when you are wearing your shoe.

Why are Cycling Clothes Important?

Well, if you are thinking of avoiding cycling clothes and just cycling normally wearing clothes, then it might be okay if you cycle as a hobby. But suppose you are a cycling professional who travels long distances and works out by cycle. In that case, proper cycle clothing is essential as with a good clothing line, and you would be able to perform better and get a comfortable ride in your cycle.

You are recommended to wear a clothing line made up of Lycra as it is flexible and a quicker fabric that allows easy movement. These skin-fit clothing materials, so clothes are not likely to get stuck in the cycle chain.

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