What is the most important thing about fitness cycling?

What is the most important thing about fitness cycling?

What is the most important thing about fitness cycling?

Now more and more people riding bicycles, most people are using it as an ordinary walking tool, a small number of people are using bicycles to fitness or long-distance travel, so it will give people some misconceptions, that riding a bicycle does not fall is to ride a bicycle, in fact, for professional cycling friends, these are far from enough, to recognize some misconceptions, and targeted correction, in order to appreciate the joy of cycling fitness or long-distance riding, so what are the misconceptions in cycling?

Myth No. 1: The action of stirrups.

"People generally think that the so-called stomp is to step down with the foot and turn the stirrup around, so that they can move forward on the line. And the correct stomp should be divided into: stepping, pulling, lifting and pushing 4 coherent movements." Stone, who has worked as an athlete and coach in a professional team, says: "The palm of the foot first steps down, then the calf contracts backwards and pulls back, then lifts upwards and finally pushes forward, so as to complete a week of pedaling. So rhythmic pedaling, not only to save energy can also improve speed."

Myth 2: The posture of riding.

"The wrong cycling method not only affects the exercise effect, but also easily causes damage to the body." Sam, a student of exercise physiology at a sports college, told reporters that when he was instructing fitness enthusiasts, he found that wrong riding postures were common, such as legs flared outward, nodding and hunched over, etc. "The correct posture is: the body leans slightly forward, both arms are straight, the abdomen is tightened, the abdominal breathing method is used, the legs and the beam of the car are parallel, the knee and hip joints are kept coordinated, and attention is paid to grasp the rhythm of riding."

Myth 3: Ignore the frequency, one-sided pursuit of strength and speed.

"Many young people who are just starting out covet 'more' and 'fast', such as no long-distance riding at once 50 kilometers, and on the way, only the pursuit of speed, strength, so that in fact, the body is very harmful, serious of the knee will appear waterlogged." According to Steven, the captain of a cycling team, "Volume, frequency and intensity are the three principles of exercise. It is recommended that beginners find the right frequency for themselves and then increase the amount of exercise, with the average person pedaling around 60-80 times per minute. Each ride should have at least 20 minutes of high frequency and low speed (i.e., more laps and less force) warm-up, so that the body can sweat slightly, otherwise sudden high-intensity exercise, easy to dizziness, nausea and other symptoms."

If you want to get fit, it is important to choose the right method.

Cycling fitness also needs to be mastered in the right way. Experts have described several methods of cycling and advised exercisers to do as much as they can, depending on their physical condition.

The first one: interval cycling method. This is a training method that relies on fast and slow speed changes to effectively exercise the body's heart function. In the cycling process, first a few minutes of slow riding, and then a few minutes of fast riding, and running training, "run and walk alternately" similar. Healthy middle-aged and young people can control their heart rate at 120-160 times/minute.

The second type: aerobic cycling method. Require medium speed continuous riding for about 30 minutes, riding process pay attention to deepen breathing, this method is very good for the improvement of cardiorespiratory function, and help to lose weight.

Cycling equipment should also be professional

Regular bikes and sports bikes are not the same. People who generally want to achieve fitness through cycling have two choices, mountain bikes and road bikes. The former is slow, but can adapt to complex terrain and is suitable for cycling fitness in the wild; the latter is suitable for pursuing the fitness requirements of speed and has a good exercise effect on one's muscles and cardiorespiratory function.

Compared with other sports, cycling has higher requirements for cyclists' own safety and protection.

First, replenish sugar and salt water in time for long rides to avoid the formation of "water poisoning".

Second, be equipped with professional protective equipment, such as helmets, gloves and shoes. Helmets can play an important role in protecting the head during high-speed rides, so pay attention to not exposing the forehead when wearing them; gloves can prevent slippage and abrasions; sponge-soled sneakers will make the palms of the feet sore and swollen after pedaling for a long time, while professional cycling shoes are hard-soled, which can make the pedaling force all concentrated on the pedals.

Finally, pay attention to the length and height of the frame to match your body, otherwise it will not only affect your riding speed, but also cause damage to your lower back, legs and upper limbs.

In short, for cycling enthusiasts, it is important to avoid some misconceptions and develop some good cycling habits for our fitness and touring, not only to exercise more effectively, but also to improve the fun in cycling.

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