What Size Tricycle Is Perfect for Adults? – Complete Adult Trikes Buying Guide

What Size Tricycle Is Perfect for Adults? – Complete Adult Trikes Buying Guide

What Size Tricycle Is Perfect for Adults? – Complete Adult Trikes Buying Guide

Tricycling is synonymous with comfortable, safe, and stable riding and is most suitable for learners and enthusiasts. To enjoy all the perks of riding a trike, you must focus on the right size and quality.

In this blog, we will discuss what size tricycle is perfect for adults and what factors a buyer shouldn’t ignore.

What is Adult Trike?

Adult tricycles are designed for people who can’t balance the bicycle. These are also called trikes and can be used for commutation, exercise, and fun. Many kinds of adult trikes are available in the market based on their size, application, design, build quality, brand, and the rider's age, and not all are perfect for an adult.

Thus, you need to choose the best adult tricycle according to your skills, body height, weight, and pocket. Below we will discuss the factors that predominate in a trike for adults!

Most people buy trikes because bicycles are more comfortable, robust, reliable, and stable than bicycles. There is a minimum risk of loss of balance and accidental happenings with a tricycle than bikes, scooters, or more. However, to get this optimized level of comfort and relaxation, it is essential to choose a suitable trike. Therefore, you must consider building quality, application, assemblage, and the perfect size.

Basic Features to Consider While Choosing a Tricycle

Build Quality

When buying the tricycle, please prioritize robust metallic construction over plastic components because metal is solid and resilient. The trikes made of heavy-duty materials provide a stable and smooth riding experience and last longer than flimsy options in the market. However, the only risk associated with metal is corrosion; therefore, keeping the trike clean and away from dampening conditions is suggested to reduce the chance of rust.

Intent of Use

The intent of use or application is essential. This is because the tricycles are designed differently for different purposes like learning, commutation, and more. If you’re an enthusiast rider, a basic trike makes sense, but a solid and durable option is suggested for someone who needs a tricycle for daily commuting.


Trikes come in both ways: fully assembled or unassembled, and you’re all free to choose according to your budget and preference. I always opt for the fully assembled tricycle because it reduces the hassle of mounting all parts together and also gives you the relaxation that your trike is correctly connected. This is very important because a single mistake in assemblage can cause trouble during the right turn, or you may end up in an accident.

Loading Capacity

Each tricycle has a specific limit for holding the weight, and it is mainly measured in lbs. or Kg. The rule of thumb is that every rider should tally their body weight with the carrying capacity of the trike before spending bucks. This is because if you get a tricycle that cannot hold your body weight, it is no more than trash. The manufacturer in the description section mentions the loading capacity of each product.

Tricycle Size Related Features to Consider

Wheel Size

The wheel size alters the overall height of the trike and will impact the riding experience. The wheel size is generally measured in inches, referred to as the diameter of the wheel. The wheel size varies concerning the models and intent of use.

If you are an adult and you’ll be riding a trike on smooth and plane surfaces, you should get the trike with 26 inches wheel size. However, for rough terrains and mountain riding, a larger wheel size is preferred for adults.


When buying the best trike for adults, you should get one with comfortable and grip-giving handlebars. The handlebars of the cycle shouldn’t be too close or too far. The ideal tricycle for adults comes with adjustable handlebars and allows the rider to customize the position as per their suitability.


The seat is another striking factor that impacts the sizing game because of its height. You should always get a trike with an adjustable seat because your height will not remain the same as an adult over the years. An adjustable seat will give you room to change the height and position as appropriate.

Size Guide for Adults Trikes

Now that you know all the dominant features that require your prior attention, it will be easier to understand the size guide for adult trikes. You need to consider two things, in a nutshell, to find the perfect size tricycle, including wheel size and height.

If you’re 20 inches tall, 4.8 to 5.4 inches wheel size would be ideal, and for every four inches in rider’s height, you need to add approximately 0.5 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a tricycle?

To get the best tricycle, you must consider the build quality, assemblage, weight loading capacity, brand, price, and more relatable factors. Most importantly, the rider should get a trike according to his height, and for this purpose, you need to choose the right wheel size. In this article, we have discussed what size tricycle is perfect for adults; swipe up to read.

Are 3-wheel bikes good for adults?

Three-wheel bikes, tricycles, or trikes are designed for learners who can’t handle the bicycle. But, their use is not limited as most people also ride trikes for commutation and fun.

The Bottom Line

Tricycles are more comfortable, stable, and safer than bikes and could be used for commuting, recreational traveling, and street riding. But to get the doubled relaxation and unmatchable balance, you must get the right-sized trike that suits your use and body dimensions. If you’re a grown-up rider and want to know what size tricycle is perfect for adults, this article is your perfect guide.

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