Why is your bike getting slower and slower?

Why is your bike getting slower and slower?

Why is your bike getting slower and slower?

Anyone who rides a bicycle should ask the question: Why is my bike riding so slow?

Sometimes it can be the bike that's holding you back, and sometimes it's your own state.

Low tire pressure

Tire pressure that is set too low can have a big impact on your bike, even limiting the fastest speed you can ride to, meaning you will likely need to work twice as hard to keep up with your fellow riders because of low tire pressure.

It's a good idea to check your tire pressure before you go on a trip.

Low tire pressure can lead to many problems. The main one is that your bike's tires will slowly deflate. That is, unlike a flat tire, it will keep releasing air outward as you ride, rather than blowing up all at once.

This is the most difficult situation to deal with because it means you may have to patch the tire or even replace the inner tube with a new one.

What about the better case? You just need to pump a little more air into the tires. You can check the recommended tire pressure on the tire wall, but it's best to be between the maximum and minimum, usually our recommended tire pressure is 100PSI.

High winds

If you're out riding, you're likely to encounter headwinds. In fact, headwinds are quite often encountered.

It's also hard to explain when it happens, nature decides, you know.

But the good news is that you can take this opportunity to work on building a strong pair of thighs.

Why is your bike getting slower and slower?

Your chain needs to be oiled. 

Compared to the previous ones, this is slightly more technical, but this step will make a big difference to your bike.

Because you are likely to ride harder and shift less smoothly and efficiently because of the lack of chain maintenance.

But remember, an over-lubricated chain is basically the same as damaging it directly, because the chain oil can easily get a lot of debris and small stones on the road.

Therefore, for this situation, you have to control the scale of chain maintenance and lubricate it regularly.

Your brakes need maintenance.

This reason is much more common, and it's often that element that most visually makes you feel the ride slowing down.

It doesn't matter if you're using disc brakes or regular V-brakes. The purpose of brake parts is to get the brake pads as close to the discs or rims as possible to ensure the best braking effect.

But over time, brake pads can cause scuffing and wear on the rim or disc.

Check if the rim is deflecting first, and then readjust the clamps with the fine adjustment screws to make sure there is no problem.

So what if you've checked your tire pressure, confirmed multiple times that your brakes aren't worn out, and that your chain is oiled, but your legs still can't lift and your car is still riding slow?

Then there is only one explanation, and that is your own cause. It could be that you were riding in a bad state, or riding in the wrong position, or just lack of exercise, etc. After all: "Nothing is ever easy, you just have to keep practicing, keep surpassing yourself, and become faster and stronger, don't you?"

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