Wrecking Tips

Wrecking Tips

Wrecking Tips

The fall, generally divided into active fall and accidental fall. Active fall is in anticipation of the inability to control the bike, in order to avoid greater consequences, consciously in accordance with their own will caused by the fall, generally speaking, the consequences of this fall is the lightest; accidental fall is in their own completely unprepared, unexpected circumstances, this case of the fall, if the rider has not been trained to form a subconscious protection reaction, the consequences are generally It is more tragic.

The following is to share the emergency treatment and skills for several situations of active fall.

1. Fall with the bike and people

    In one case, it is best to stay on the bike for as long as possible, that is, do not separate your body from the bike too early and let the bike hit the ground. Because the bike will not feel the pain, it is also easier to repair than the body.

    Using the bike to bear the impact can slow down the rider's direct impact, using the bike as the first line of defense to protect themselves against the body's damage.

    If the biker is prepared to fall, rather than give up everything to fall, the injury is usually not very serious. However, if the biker is slightly inexperienced, it is not recommended to use this method until you have to.

    2. Stay away from the bike

      This situation seems to be the opposite of the previous one, but it applies to many situations, for example, when biker leap into the air, throwing their bikes and making wonderful poses, which is always appreciated!

      Once the unfortunate fall, face down on the ground is bad enough, if you let the fall of the bike hit the face, the consequences must be horrible.

      So, if you can not land safely or will be forward over the handlebars, be sure to push the bike away, the reaction force will bounce your body back.

      Wrecking Tips

      3. Sliding close to the ground

        When the bike can't stop, locking the rear wheels and turning while letting the bike go sideways will make the bike slide out.

        At this point, use your inside foot to drag on the ground as support to gain stability. Operate the brakes to make the bike slide in the right position, deliberately let the body tilt, slide sideways or even stick to the ground can prevent you from going over the handlebars and flying out, if the front is a cliff, you can also experience a big disaster.

        Practice this skill on flat and hard dirt (please be bikeeful to bring protective gear). When the bike is sliding under your body, control the handlebars and try to use your inside foot to make the slide stop.

        4. Side Rollover

          Find a soft mat or a sandpit, then dive head down, shrink your head, and use one shoulder as a support point to make a roll on the ground, finally stopping with your hand.

          After the first roll, shift your weight to one side and bend your arms until you stop.

          First from a standstill to do exercises at a jogging speed, after the action is skilled, you can save a small life when you fall at high speed.

          5. Make a tight fist to protect your wrist

            The wrist is one of the most important parts of a bike ride, and it is also the most difficult to treat when it is injured. If you fall with your hand open and try to brace yourself on the ground, your wrist will fold backwards, thus damaging your wrist bone.

            Therefore, when colliding with the ground, the hand should be in a fist, so that it can also protect the wrist bone and the flesh on the palm of the hand. It is best to make a subconscious fist when rolling sideways.

            6. Protect your collarbone to prevent fractures

              Your collarbone cannot withstand a large impact. If you subconsciously (but dangerously) fully straighten your arm when falling from a bike, you could fracture your clavicle.

              To avoid breaking your collarbone, read Tip 4 for details and practice your side-rolling skills regularly.

              7. Let the bikego first

                Want to get hurt? Then try going down a steep hill with your feet off the pedals, clip the top tube, and go into a tree. Your body will spin around the handlebars while your feet take the bike from behind and smash it into the back of your head.

                When you are descending a steep slope and can't control it, grab the front and rear brakes, unclip a pedal, then move your body back from the saddle, lower it to a certain speed, push the bike forward, and detach your body from the bike.

                Summary: Different situations need to be handled in different ways, which may require our experience, awareness and usual active practice, the most important thing is that we should learn to take precautions before it happens, have an advance judgment of the risks, do not get lucky with their "skills" and the pursuit of speed, when riding a little slower is better. After all, most people ride only for leisure and fitness, there is no need to damage the body at the cost of. In short, our ultimate goal is to protect ourselves and to start the next ride as soon as possible.

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