11 tips for cycling at night

11 tips for cycling at night

11 tips for cycling at night

Cycling is a daytime activity usually, but sometimes even at night those wide roads still call to you. If you're worried that riding at night isn't safe and warm enough, then here are some little accessories and tips that might help you.


It is not just to let you see the road, but also others can see you. For safety, maybe you need to put lights on your handlebars, helmet, and rear end. Handlebar lights can help you light up the road in front of you, so you can see oncoming traffic, rear lights can let the rear of the car to detect your presence, helmet lights can also light up your vision.

Never turn the handlebar lights to flashing mode, the lights as long as you can illuminate the road in front of you 20 feet is enough. Whether for you or the driver across from you, too bright or flashing lights are very dangerous.

Using USB charging lights will usually be brighter, but the battery life is much shorter, remember to carry extra spare batteries.

11 tips for cycling at night


Pay attention to the speed of the ride, DO NOT ride too fast, to give yourself enough reaction time to deal with any obstacles on the road.

Keep Warm

Keeping warm on a cold night is essential. Don't forget to wear gloves , cap, and socks.

Reflective Gear

Choose clothing with reflective fabrics, it can provide you with two functions: keep warm and allow you to be seen by others.

You also can use reflective stickers to achieve this goal, put it on fenders, frames, backpacks, guards, handlebars, helmets and anywhere else you can think of to increase the reflective area.

Windproof glasses

It can protect your eyes from the wind and dust, no matter expensive or ordinary, they both work well.

Check your bike

Before you go out, check your bike for any possible problems, I think you don't want to lose your chain when you are halfway through the road in the cold night.

Check the road during daylight

Familiarize yourself with the route you'll be taking at night during the day so you know what kind of obstacles to expect where you'll be, and you can also know which places will have confusing intersections. If you are a new night rider, then a well-lit bike path at night will make it easier to ride, just ride on such roads until you feel you can handle a darker route.

Use legs instead of hips

Even on roads with good lighting conditions, there will always be some sudden situation that surprises you. At this time, remember to use your legs, not your hips, to support your weight as a way to absorb the sudden bumps.

Cycling with friends

If you can, find someone to ride with you to take care of the individual

11 tips for cycling at night

Away from the roadside

If necessary, do not ride close to the edge of the road, which may allow the car behind you to pass you by without fear. But remember to always be careful, because drivers don't always keep an eye on those cyclists at night.

Sturdy parts

Night riding isn't about showing off your fashion, so it's best to have something sturdy on your car, like wider tires and fenders.

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