Why professional cyclists do not install foot braces and fenders?

Why professional cyclists do not install foot braces and fenders?

Why professional cyclists do not install foot braces and fenders?

First of all, the foot braces can not pass the bike inspection in all races.

Secondly, high-end bikes are very conscious of weight, and each gram of reduction costs a lot of money.

The foot brace (the bike's own parking bracket) and the mudguard (fender) are two things that are dangerous to equip. Here is my personal opinion on why professional cyclists don't have these two pieces of equipment on their bikes.

Foot braces and mudguards have their roles, foot braces can easily support the bike and mudguards can effectively prevent sewage and mud from being dumped onto the body, but these two pieces of equipment also have their drawbacks and safety hazards.

Why professional cyclists do not install foot braces and fenders?

The disadvantages of the foot support: bicycle by the foot support is not very reliable, through the observation can be found, usually on the road a gale blowing, by the foot support of bicycles and even electric cars and motorcycles not many can still stand. Then when the vehicle falls, it is likely to damage your car's paint or make some parts damaged or even scrap parts, even if there is no wind, man-made scraping collision may also dump your vehicle.

Safety risks of foot braces: Foot braces are movable, and the strong vibration of the vehicle on bumpy roads can easily cause the foot braces to drop on their own, especially if they have been used for a long time and are loose. In this way, when you turn sideways at high speed or when there are protrusions on the road, once the foot brace is open, the foot brace can easily touch the ground and empty the rear wheel of your bike, thus causing the vehicle to lose control and fall.

Therefore, I generally do not recommend that riders install footrests, especially those who like high-speed riding and off-road riding. When parking, please tilt your vehicle to the left side and put it down. Note: It must be the left side, because the right side of the vehicle has a fragile rear chainstay, and the vehicle to the left side to put down to facilitate you to pick up the vehicle and cross from the left side. For those who have disc brakes, when you put your car down to the left side, pay attention to the discs not to hit the ground protrusions to prevent the discs from being deformed by external forces.

Disadvantages of fenders.

1. Fender is a certain area, it will invariably increase the cross-sectional area of your vehicle, thus increasing the wind resistance of the vehicle in driving, resulting in you consuming more physical strength.
2. The gap between the fenders and the wheels is very small, when the vehicle is riding in the wet mud, the wheels bring up the mud is easy to fill the space and produce resistance to consume the rider's strength.

The safety hazard of the fenders: the general fender will be made thin and wide, the production material is mostly steel, aluminum, plastic, resin and other materials with a certain degree of hardness.This is very much like a knife that is not sharp. That is to say it is a sharp protrusion on the vehicle. When the cyclist unfortunately fell, when the kinetic energy is very large, this sharp protrusion in the huge kinetic energy is very easy to cut your skin, especially in the summer riders are wearing very little, the body exposed to the outside part of a lot.  I still have a latent scar on my left knee from the front mudguard of a 22-inch wheeled stroller when I was learning to drive.

Wagon as a slow sports car and more on the road can consider installing foot braces and mud guards, but usually must pay more attention to the condition of these two parts to see if they are loose to prevent accidents!

Why professional cyclists do not install foot braces and fenders?

By the way, if you see someone else's bike being blown down by the wind, please don't pick it up to avoid the vehicle being blown down by the wind for the second time. The first time may not be a problem, but the second time is hard to say!

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