7 Reasons Why Hiking is So Good For The Body

7 Reasons Why Hiking is So Good For The Body

7 Reasons Why Hiking is So Good For The Body

Currently, extreme sports in particular are in vogue, which are designed to push the body to its individual limits. However, gyms and heavy weights are not absolutely necessary to do something good for your own fitness and health. Regular and continuous hiking is enough. The whole body is challenged by the sporting activity in the fresh air with constant ascents. In addition, the organism burns plenty of calories through the movement in the fresh air. Cycorld presents the 7 reasons why hiking is so good for the body. 

Why hiking is so healthy

Hiking and mountain climbing are proven to be good for body and mind. The entire body is challenged, muscles as well as the cardiovascular system are strengthened and the sense of balance improves. Regular physical exertion in nature in different weather conditions also improves the immune system and resistance. The fresh air gives a freshness kick to the whole body and wakes up the organism. In addition, hiking has a relaxing effect in stressful everyday life and helps to find oneself again in the peace and quiet of nature.

1. a good workout for the cardiovascular system

Hiking is a good workout for the cardiovascular system. Going on tour helps with both too low and too high blood pressure. Weak circulation is strengthened by regular and not excessively strenuous exercise in the fresh air. Too high blood pressure is lowered by the gentle and steady movements without increased force. Regular hiking improves metabolism and promotes muscle development. In addition, hiking reduces stress, which can lead to high blood pressure (see point 5). These factors are also crucial in preventing diabetes or heart attacks caused by high blood pressure.

7 Reasons Why Hiking is So Good For The Body

2. hiking is good for heart, lungs and muscles.

Hiking is good for the heart, lungs and muscles. Because on the last meters of altitude, the heart beats up to the neck and the lungs suck up all the oxygen they can get, so that the body can optimally supply the muscles with it. Regular hiking in particular promotes the heart, as it beats more regularly and more forcefully. Thus blood clots occur demonstrably more rarely. The muscles also benefit from the fact that the entire body is supplied with oxygen-rich blood. Even after just a few hikes, mountain climbers feel much stronger.

3. hiking strengthens the immune system

Hiking strengthens the immune system. There is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing. This is the motto of many hikers. And that means that climbers go out into nature in all weathers, even when it's pouring and freezing cold. Then an extra layer of clothing is put on, but passionate mountaineers are certainly not deterred from hiking. This is especially good for the immune system, which is why hikers are more often spared from nasty colds.

4. the sense of balance is promoted

Hiking promotes the sense of balance. Over hill and dale and up into rough scree - that's what an ideal hiking tour looks like for many people. This is where surefootedness is particularly important, which develops over time. If beginners may still have some difficulty with balance at the beginning, it is soon no longer a problem for advanced hikers. Another positive effect that hiking has on the human body.


5. hiking reduces stress

Hiking reduces stress. This has to do, for example, with the color green, which has been proven to have a calming effect on the organism and reduce stress levels that can become harmful to the body. Longer hikes in the tranquility of nature and the steady movements help to calm the body and mind. This is especially true in today's world, where people are permanently exposed to various stimuli and must always be available. That is why hikers may feel physically exhausted after a day's hike, but are still mentally refreshed because they have had the opportunity to find themselves again.

6. improved concentration and creativity

Hiking improves concentration and makes you creative. Especially in high alpine areas it is (super-) vital to be constantly awake and concentrated. Even a little inattention can have fatal consequences. This benefits the ability to concentrate of people who hike regularly. The same applies to creativity. If a path is not passable when climbing to the summit, another one has to be found. This can also be applied well in everyday life, so that hikers are particularly characterized by a high level of concentration and creativity.

7. hiking is good for self-confidence

Hiking strengthens self-confidence. "I'll never make it". There is no such sentence when hiking. Because even hikers who have just started with mountain sports are always setting themselves new goals and want to go higher every time. In the evening, you are usually surprised at what your own body and your own willpower can achieve. This boosts one's self-confidence immensely. However, hikers should always be careful not to overestimate themselves.

7 Reasons Why Hiking is So Good For The Body

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Stamina, endurance, creativity and inner peace are certainly factors that benefit hikers and mountaineers in everyday life, even outside of a hiking vacation. In the mountains, freak-outs are less beneficial because they don't bring the summit any closer, and this knowledge can also be applied in professional life. One's own patience and frustration tolerance are strengthened as a result. In addition, regular hiking offers a perfect balance to the stressful everyday life to get the head free. That's why everyone should have been hiking once in their life.

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