Are Hiking Pants Necessary? Or Can You Also Hike In Jeans?

Are Hiking Pants Necessary? Or Can You Also Hike In Jeans?

Are Hiking Pants Necessary? Or Can You Also Hike In Jeans?

Should you really buy the expensive hiking pants or can you also start the hike with jeans? High-quality hiking clothing as well as hiking pants are admittedly quite expensive and especially hiking beginners ask themselves whether it is really necessary at the beginning to stock up expensively with the complete equipment when they actually don't know yet whether they will practice this sport for a long time. Alternatively, you could just hike in jeans, right? After all, hiking is not so different from running in everyday life? And the jeans are already hanging in the closet anyway. So why spend money on an extra pair of sports pants? That's certainly how many people think. the post explains whether hiking is also possible in jeans.

Are Hiking Pants Necessary? Or Can You Also Hike In Jeans?

The advantages of hiking pants

Special hiking pants are designed for use in the mountains in any weather. They are breathable, water repellent and on cold days they keep you warm. With these features, it already becomes difficult for a conventional pair of jeans to keep up. Anyone who has ever been in a downpour with jeans knows how water repellent these pants are. And especially in the mountains, it can then become sensitively cold. In addition, hiking pants often have a variable leg length with zipper, which you can put on or take off when it's warm or cold.

In rain and wind: hiking pants or jeans?

Hiking pants are made to keep your legs dry in the rain and warm in the wind. Unfortunately, jeans can't do that. Instead, the denim fabric soaks up water and sticks uncomfortably to the skin. If it is then also cold, a cold is very likely. Moisture also pulls up on the pant legs of the jeans when hikers step into a puddle just once.

Hiking through mud with your jeans on?

Hiking trails, by their very nature, are not necessarily paved, and since hikers and climbers like to be out in nature in all kinds of weather, it can get muddy in the process. This can also mean that your favorite jeans get very dirty and with a bit of bad luck, these stains will never come out again, because grass stains in particular can be stubborn. That's why it's better to wear dirt-repellent hiking pants. In addition, it does not matter if these pants are no longer absolutely free of stains, because they are not worn in everyday life.
Are Hiking Pants Necessary? Or Can You Also Hike In Jeans?

Removable trouser legs on hiking pants

If you don't want the ends of your pant legs to come into contact with the mud, you can simply unzip a pair of hiking pants and remove the legs. This won't work with a pair of jeans, and especially with a tight fit, rolling them up isn't an option. In addition, the ability to adjust the lengths is very useful when the weather changes in the mountains. Experienced hikers know about the frequent weather changes in the Alps and are grateful for removable pant legs on hiking pants.

Painful friction from hiking with jeans

Especially with the currently trendy skinny jeans, friction can occur very quickly while hiking, which can become very painful over the course of a hike lasting several hours. Poorly finished seams or a less than optimal fit are enough to cause this. Special hiking pants, on the other hand, are designed for exactly such sporting uses and often have a particularly soft material. In addition, hiking pants are often lighter than jeans, which can also make a difference on a long hike.

Further information on the subject of equipment

Admittedly, hiking clothing is not necessarily inexpensive to purchase. However, beginners in hiking also do not need the full equipment right at the beginning. At the beginning, a basic set of hiking pants, hiking tops and a rain jacket is sufficient. Since these are designed for the extreme conditions in the mountains, they will also last in the long term, so that the costs will pay off again. Jeans should really only be used for a simple hike around the mountain village. For all other cases, special hiking clothing is recommended.

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