【Advice】 Do these jobs, and then ride out to play!

【Advice】 Do these jobs, and then ride out to play!

【Advice】 Do these jobs, and then ride out to play!

In addition to riding on the track, mountain biking is also a good way to go through the tour. It's a great way to ride on an unknown road with your backpack and enjoy the scenery along the way.

First, plan your route; then prepare practical and fast food according to the date of the ride! But try not to bring too much, otherwise it is also a burden! Water is a must, then bring some bread or something, and cookies, also bring some meat such as energy magic cattle bar, should be almost, I generally backpack is to bring a few bread, and then three or four energy magic cattle bar on the departure. You can bring more energy magic cow bars, anyway, the volume is small.

No! Don't just focus on taking care of yourself, not taking into account the condition of the mountain bike!

If you don't want to push your bike and walk the whole way, and don't want your friends who come to your rescue to make you look embarrassed, then look at our summary experience!

[Check the condition of the vehicle before the trip and solve the problems in time]

Transmission inspection: crank, chain, transmission, wheel set and other parts must be checked, the whole system should run smoothly.

Brake inspection: brake handlebars, brake disc pads, piston calipers, brake lines and other parts must be checked to ensure that the brakes are sensitive and reliable.

Adaptive adjustment: handlebar height, seat tube height, seat angle should be suitable for their own this trip.

[Learn basic car repair skills before you go]

①Tire repair: the most basic skills, if you can not fill in time to change the tire can also be.

Usually: remove the tire - find the loophole - patch - mount the tire

②Adjustment of shifting and traditional system

Adjusting the transmission cable tightness - adjust the limit screw - fine adjustment

③Lock up the "quick release" system

Including the front hub and fork, rear hub and frame tail hook, seat tube

Don't be afraid of trouble, bring your repair tools

Recommended to use a combination of tools, should include a word, cross, hexagonal screwdriver, etc.

Tire repair tools (glue, tire patch), portable cartridges, inner tubes, outer tires

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