Assembly bike advice for newcomers (novice misconceptions)

Assembly bike advice for newcomers (novice misconceptions)

Assembly bike advice for newcomers (novice misconceptions)

01. Not "tailor-made"

Some newbie friends group bike only care about good-looking, but also regardless of the size of the various components. 165 small handsome man insisted on matching an M frame, plus 90 handlebar, this method can not help but make me think of a word "rip", riding this bike must be rip the egg pain.

02. Not according to the use of the group bike

I have really seen this kind of thing with a speeding bike on the road. Some of the newbie group bike, just focus on pretend 13, to front and rear large size shock, to four piston oil disc. But in reality, he will be in the city to turn around, hold up a few small steps. In fact, the subcategory of mountain bikes is not for nothing, before the group car you have to think about what you really use, such as suburban commuting, that 80 to 100 travel fork with hard tail is enough to deal with.

Assembly car advice for newcomers (novice misconceptions)

03. Mismatch of parts specifications

Although the bike is not a high-end technical work, but also must have a certain knowledge base to do. Some novice friends assembled the bike, without prior understanding of whether the parts match each other directly bought back, the result is that only straight fork frame with spine fork, 30.9 seat tube hole with 31.6 seat post, pressed into the center shaft structure but bought the threaded center shaft home.In the end, every single thing can not be installed.

04. Excessive pursuit of gearing kits

Wow, look at this bike with M8000 kit, it must be better than that M7000 kit bike! In fact, this is a big misunderstanding, for a mountain bike, the most important thing should be the frame and wheelset, in the case of other configurations are the same, install 1000 block wheelset with M6000 kit and install 500 wheelset with M8000 kit, the first one must be comfortable to run.

05. Small details can also be a big improvement

A pair of footrest replacement, a cushion upgrade can give you a qualitative improvement. This is not a joke, but a fact. A lot of newcomers to the group, think that these small accessories can just buy, do not know that these accessories greatly affect the riding effect. 20 U.S. dollars a pair of pedals for 120 U.S. dollars a pair of pedals, you may feel like changing the car, 20 U.S. dollars for a cushion for 200 U.S. dollars cushion, you may feel that the original life is so good, Mom no longer have to worry about my butt pain.

Assembly car advice for newcomers (novice misconceptions)

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