Novice Riding Q&A

Novice Riding Q&A

Novice Riding Q&A

01. I'm buying a bike for the first time, how much do you think is appropriate?

Very good question, the answer to this question depends on how much disposable income you have. But, in general, when it comes to buying a bike, you get what you pay for. The phrase "frame stiffness, light weight, more comparison" is really useful for you who want to buy a bike.

You may need to recalibrate the cost effectiveness of bike in your mind, especially if your last bike was your kid's bike.

Before you get a prototype in your head, write down how you're going to use it and how often you're going to use the bike.If you just want to get to work, there's little wear and tear. But if you want to be adventurous, then you'll be worth paying a little more for lightness and durability.

Next, write down what you want to accomplish with your bike, such as losing weight, getting stronger, taking up a new hobby or simply saving some gas for your car. This step will help you realize the added value of a bike and give you the psychological comfort that you're getting your money's worth. (The most expensive one is not necessarily the right one for you, the best one is the one that suits you)

Novice Riding Q&A

02. Should I make a professional bike fit?

The bike fit is a program that helps riders to select and set up bike accessories so that the bike is set up to best suit the rider's riding goals.

Generally speaking, a rider's riding goals include comfort, efficiency and safety.

Absolutely necessary! This is by far one of the most worthwhile things to spend money on. It doesn't matter if yours is a super dirt-cheap fighter or a grocery cart, as long as the bike doesn't fit your body, then you've spent your money wrong.

Make sure the person who gives you the fit is someone you can trust. Make sure that every two years you go for a fit, or when you feel something is not right, some good feeling is not there; or you are ready to ride a long distance, you should go for a test.

03. Should I wear those padded cycling shorts?

Riding is a pleasant and comfortable thing, not torture and discomfort. So, the answer is to wear them. You may feel that the thick padding is a bit like a child's diaper when you first wear them, but after a while you'll forget they exist. Trust me, it reduces the pressure on your sit bones, protects your skin during frequent rubbing, and ultimately allows you to ride longer.

04. Why can't I wear short cycling shortsall year round?

This question is easy to answer - because it gets cold. It's hard for your body to function well when you're feeling cold or are shivering. Blood flows from your arms, legs and extremities back to your core to keep your vital internal organs warm, so your thighs are deprived of oxygen for blood transport and can't sustain it. If your thighs are feeling cold, then you will become very stiff, not to mention any smooth pedaling action.

Your joints will become stiff, which will most likely lead to damage to your ligaments and tendons. It's when you're riding and sweating that you need to keep your knees and calves warm if the temperature drops. We recommend that when the temperature falls below 15 degrees Celsius, you need to insulate your knees. Outside a layer of zippered pants so that when you are hot you can pull open ventilation, while the cold is always insulated.

Novice Riding Q&A

05. When do I need more than one water bottle holder (more than one bottle of water)?

When you ride for more than 90 minutes, or if the weather is really hot, you will need more than one bottle of water and you will have to install multiple water bottle holders on your bike. Hydration is very important, but is often overlooked from the ranks of hydration. Hydration can have a huge impact on your body, so if you ride a bike remember to bring a bottle of water with you, and if you're not sure how long to ride, how long to ride, and how hot it is, then bring a few more bottles.

This will keep you in a relaxed mood, while eliminating the struggle of where to refill your water.(Generally, if you ride long distances, you will have two kinds of water, one is scream, a sports drink, and another is pure water. Riding for a period of time will stop to rest to replenish water, first drink scream and then drink pure water, so that your mouth can not sticky feeling. The reason for choosing scream is that it belongs to the sports drink can replenish the consumption of exercise, the second is its bottle design is very good, do not have to stop can also drink while riding)

06. What are sports drinks and do I need them?

There are two main types of sports drinks: hypotonic and isotonic. Hypotonic beverages are those low-carbon water with sodium, potassium, and chloride that replenish the electrolytes and salts lost in your body when you sweat a lot. You need them a lot when you're training for a ride in weather with temperatures over 30 degrees.

Isotonic drinks, compared to hypotonic ones, are just 25-30g of sugar added per 500ml of water. If you train or ride for more than 90 minutes, then you need to have a sip of isotonic drink, in other words, if you are low intensity or not 90 minutes, you don't need to drink this.

Novice Riding Q&A

07. What is the best time to eat while riding?

It depends on the length of your ride. If you are riding for a period of time that is not yet 90 minutes, then you don't need food. But if you're over 90 minutes, you should eat something after the first hour and then refill every forty minutes. Some snacks such as bananas, pancakes, malt bread and dried fruits such as raisins and dried apricots are very good.

They are all natural, carbohydrate-rich foods.

If you train quite intensely, then energy gels would be a convenient option. If you choose an isotonic sports drink, then don't forget that the drink you drink also provides you with some of the calories inside.


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