Best Gifts For Mountain Bikers

Best Gifts For Mountain Bikers - 17 Creative Gift Ideas

Best Gifts For Mountain Bikers - 17 Creative Gift Ideas

You are looking for some gift ideas for mountain bikers?

We've rounded up 17 practical gift ideas that will add value to any biker's life. Whether you are looking for a little something or you want to give someone an unforgettable experience, we are happy to present you our selection of gift ideas. These are only products that we are really convinced of and that we have of course tested ourselves:


Gift #1: Bike Hipbag

Gifts For Mountain Bikers hipbag

A great alternative to a bike backpack are hip bags. They are particularly popular for short trips and days at the bike park. So if you're looking for a really practical gift idea for bikers that's also useful for everyday life or hikes, you can put your trust in a hip bag with peace of mind. They come in different sizes, but keep in mind that the larger the hip bag, the clunkier it becomes, which can limit the fun of riding.

Gift #2: Waterproof bike socks

Who likes to have wet and cold feet? A top favorite when it comes to gift ideas for bikers are therefore rain socks. We have tested several manufacturers and unfortunately not all could convince. In the end, we stuck with these because they didn't leak even after regular use:

Gift #3: Bicycle bell

Since the pandemic, mountain bikers and hikers are increasingly drawn to the outdoors. Because of the points of contact on the trails, it brings the one other conflict. With this gift idea you turn the clash into an amusing situation. Especially if you accompany the jingling of the trail bell with a "meeeeeee" 😉.

Gift #4: Bicycle tool - multi-tool

Gifts For Mountain Bikers tool

Everyone knows it, but not everyone does it: taking a multi-tool on the bike tour.

Meanwhile, the small tools are small, light and specially adapted to the needs of bikers. Thus, they can be stowed even in your pocket and you are prepared if you ever have a screw loose 😉 In our opinion, this makes them a great gift idea for bikers.

Gift #5: Stylish MTB pedals

Gifts For Mountain Bikers pedals

To set special color accents on mountain bikes, pedals offer. Important: Do not just pay attention to the color, because just because the pedal looks great, it does not mean that it offers your bike shoe also good grip.

Gift #6: Mountain bike helmet

Gifts For Mountain Bikers helmet

Mountain biking is and always will be a risky sport and accidents happen. Therefore, it is definitely worth investing in good protective equipment.

Did you know that bike helmets need to be replaced after some time? Direct UV radiation dissolves the chemically bonded plastic chains and destroys dyes. As a result, plastic loses its elasticity, becomes cracked, brittle and embrittlement sets in. Your helmet thus offers significantly less protection.

Gift #7: Mountain bike elbow pads

There is no way to prevent yourself from falling when riding a mountain bike. Especially if you are not familiar with mountain biking. However, the perfect mountain bike protective gear can go a long way in reducing the chances of serious fall injuries. Best Mountain Bike Elbow Pads 2022

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Gift #8: Bike gloves

A classic when it comes to gift ideas for mountain bikers.

Our favorite gloves are thin and fit like a second skin. We recommend the following gloves:

Ace Bike Gloves

Gift #9: Cleaning & care set

Gifts For Mountain Bikers Cleaning & care set

Tuning through care! Who surfs through mud and puddles, also needs good cleaning equipment.

Gift #10: Clothing

Whether it's a t-shirt, hoodie or cap.

Here you will find a selection of designs and products:

Gift #11: Massage gun

Gifts For Mountain Bikers Massage gun

Biking makes tired legs! With this gift, the regeneration is promoted and the muscles after an eventful day on the mountain bike back to shape.

Gift #12: MTB backpack

Gifts For Mountain Bikers mtb backpack

Backpacks make you slow, because especially packed full they are usually very annoying.

If you're looking for an innovative gift, then you should check out the backpacks

Gift #13: Travel voucher

Gifts For Mountain Bikers Travel voucher

Give the gift of experiences! One of our top gift ideas for mountain bikers in such a materially dominant world are travel vouchers.

Mountain biking in unique scenery on natural single trails

Gift #14: First aid kit

Gifts For Mountain Bikers First aid kit

A real bike essential, which is unfortunately missing in too many backpacks.

Imagine you have an accident and none of your fellow bikers has a first aid kit, although you should urgently stop bleeding? Then, fortunately, a strange biker comes, offers you his and you can quickly solve the situation.

So give a first aid kit, because you never know what happens!

Gift #15: Ergonomic MTB saddle & grips

Pain is the number one killer when it comes to mountain biking.

How are you supposed to enjoy the trails downhill when everything still hurts from the climb?

With these gifts you give freedom from pain:

Gift #16: Portable Mountain Bike Ramp - MTB Hopper Lite

Gifts For Mountain Bikers Gifts For Mountain Bikers

Not everyone has a bike park on their doorstep, so these portable ramps are perfect for working on your jumping technique. This way you can turn any meadow into a mountain bike playground. We ourselves often use the Hopper-Lite, because due to its compact size it not only fits on the back, but also in every small car.

Gift #17: Padded MTB shorts

Gifts For Mountain Bikers padded mtb shorts Gifts For Mountain Bikers padded mtb shorts

Mountain bike shorts with padding are not only comfortable during the ride, but also counteract the pain caused by vibrations and landings

A must for every mountain biker. We recommend the following shorts:

Of course there are more gift ideas for mountain bikers...

...but we don't want to take the list to infinity. We are sure that you have found some great gift ideas and wish you a lot of fun while giving!

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