Turn on healthy riding mode and ride safely

Turn on healthy riding mode and ride safely

Turn on healthy riding mode and ride safely

Have the crowded attractions and congested highways made your holiday exhausting? Then let's change the way we travel, call up three or five friends, use our feet to step out a perfect journey, together planning a bike ride it. For cyclists who love cycling, cycling fitness also has a lot of obstacles, so how can cyclists achieve better fitness results? Turn on a healthy cycling mode and ride safely.

1. Warm-up exercise to be in place

    Whether young people or older people, the summer days for exercise and fitness need to master the rhythm of exercise, summer sports team physical exertion, so, exercise is to follow the "warm-up - exercise - adjustment" principle to carry out, first from the movement of a small amount of movement Start, and other parts of the body muscle activity open, you can ride the bike to fitness! After the exercise some relaxation and adjustment activities, such as walking slowly a few steps, rubbing legs, do a few deep breathing and so on.

    2. Cycling equipment is essential

      (1) Cycling clothes: iron butt also need silicone pads

      For long-distance riding, the role of cycling clothes is still very big. Sun protection and windproof cycling clothes are naturally the first choice for long distance riders. Especially for cycling pants, thickened silicone pads on the buttocks can ease the pain caused by the friction between the buttocks and the seat, so even if you have an iron butt, you can't resist the friction of the seat for a long time. For cycling shoes, usually choose outdoor shoes with hard soles. The other thing is to choose to carry some jackets and replacement clothes and pants according to the season.

      (2) Riding helmets: never go without a helmet

      As a long-distance cyclist, helmet is definitely your good companion, it can protect your face and head from impact. At the same time, sunglasses are also essential, but when buying and selling, do not buy the kind of glass mirrors, to avoid stabbing your eyes when you fall. The next is wrist guards, knee pads, etc., which will help you a lot.

      (3) Safety equipment: electric lights and reflective equipment are indispensable.

      3. "Slow ride" is healthier

        Because of the relatively high temperature before and after the summer, coupled with the southern weather is often hot and humid, the human body does not feel comfortable, therefore, the summer riding fitness is best to choose early morning or evening exercise, avoid the highest temperature, the strongest sunlight time to exercise, riding to minimize the pulling and other high-intensity exercise, to slow riding, using intermittent riding method, to avoid excessive fatigue, sweating too much and exhausted gas and injury.

        4. Correct drinking water

          Summer days people are prone to high temperature and high humidity so that sweat is not easy to evaporate, or high temperature causes excessive sweat seepage so that the body does not have timely replenishment of water, and heat stroke. Although always advocate the need to drink more water when exercising, but need to be reminded that if the exercise after a one-time drinking too much water will increase the burden on the heart, so that the blood concentration drops rapidly, panic, shortness of breath, sweating and other phenomena, so the hot season, should be a small number of times to replenish water, rather than gulp, in addition, drinking warm salt water is the best choice, on the one hand, the gastrointestinal stimulation is not large, on the other hand, warm water It is good for relieving the heat.

          5. Healthy diet

            Congee can nourish yin and liquid, generate gastric juices, strengthen the spleen and stomach, replenish deficiencies, and is most suitable for nourishing people. Congee is boiled at a relatively low temperature for a long time, which reduces the decomposition and destruction of proteins and fats and the loss of vitamins, and enables some minerals to dissolve in the soup, making the congee more nutritious.

            Choose safe and healthy cycling equipment, cycling style, all the way to ride free. Love cycling, love life, love sports, love yourself.

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