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Best padded bike shorts for Cycorld of 2021

Best padded bike shorts for Cycorld of 2021

Looking to get yourself some comfy yet practical padded bike shorts to shred the trails in style?

Well, you’re at the right place.

As mountain bikers, we strive for comfort and practicality. There’s nothing worse than a pair of shorts that constantly ride up your ass; the constant de-wedgying and repositioning get quite tedious (plus, you’ll be sure to get some weird looks).

This is also why finding padded bike shorts can be quite a challenge; we switch positions a lot when shredding the trail, plus we tend to get quite sweaty down below. We all want shorts that are comfortable, not restrictive, breathable, and do the job.

Trust me, my friend, I feel you.

This is why I have spent hours trying and testing my selection of the very best cycling shorts; they’ll be sure to get you and your crotch through the summer months with ease– as well as looking stylish too. Whether your a downhill racer, serious trail shredder, or recreational trail rider, I’ve got your pretty bottom covered.

Here’s a pro tip before we get started: It’s more than just the style you want to go for if you want that little extra portection the best material to go for is lycra. It is robust, durable, and comfortable; they’ll offer that little more protection you need for the trails.


1.Men's mountain padded bike shorts 13

padded bike shorts
This Mountain padded bike shorts is of Lycra patchwork strip in the crotch. It includes a Removable 4D padded underwear. These shorts provide you with benefits from a hard-wearing seamless seat panel.You can wear alone or over the liner underwear.

Part elastic waistband with belt loops and internal drawstring offer a perfect fit for you.. There are many pockets in these shorts where you can place your valuables, essentials, and maps.

Have trouble with getting too hot and sweaty down the trails?

No worries! These shorts provide that Four-way stretch breathable and quick-dry designed can keep you comfortable and cool for cycling.; your crotch will feel cool and free. The Lycra material is also very heavy-duty and designed to prevent cuts and splits while shredding the rugged terrain.

There are also zippers all over the shorts, making them brilliant for storing all the essentials such as keys, an energy bar, or whatever you’d like. I cannot recommend these shorts more; they’ll be sure to keep you cool on the trails.
√ Removable 4D padded underwear
√ Perfect Fit
√ 5 Breathable Pockets
√ Breathable & Quick Dry
√ Elastic Wear Resisting

2.Men's mountain padded bike shorts 01

padded bike shorts


If you're looking for a pair of shorts that will not only satisfy your off-road adventures, but also the versatility you need for cruising around town. These bike shorts have many features such as removable liners; they are ideal for a variety of rides.

The rugged, quick-drying ripstop polyester can take quite a bit of heavy abuse and resist abrasion, making them perfect for those who like to go deep into mountainous terrain.

Plus, there's a built-in pad designed specifically for men - I got you, my guys.

These shorts have some pretty cool features like an elastic back waistband and looped side buckles to get you the perfect fit that is ideal for comfort and utility.

One thing I like about these shorts is that they're lined because you won't feel like you're wearing a wet diaper when you and your buddies are done riding to the bar for a beer - unless you've had too much to drink ...... Note to self, don't drink too much.

These shorts have 6 pockets to store everything you need. cycorld even has a tech pocket on the back of the thigh to safely store your smartphone or music player.

The tapered seams, padding, breathability and durability give you a super smooth, snag-free ride without the sweat. People go crazy for these shorts, and so will you!

√ Seperate Padded Underwear
√ Comfort
√ 6 Pockets
√ Reflective Strip
√ Exellent Craftsmenship

3.Men's mountain padded bike shorts 06


padded bike shorts


These shorts are all about comfort, with sweat-wicking, quick-dry, and elastic fabric with reflective strips to keep your move and shine through every move. You’ll feel safe and secure on your ride. If you like to ride at night, this is a good choice

We love these shorts because they don’t hinder your riding one iota. They provide a seamless riding experience which is what we all want in cycling shorts.

And that’s not all.

They’re adjustable with extraordinary craftsmanship and custom design. Plus, the ideal fitting and inseams are designed to move with you as you pedal, providing a smooth experience.

One customer said that “They exceeded all expectations. Their craftsmanship is top-notch. Well placed zippers. Water repellent. But most important for me is that they are incredibly comfortable!”

√ Exellent Fabric
√ Elastic waistbands
√ 6 Pockets
√ Reflective Strip
√ Breathable and comfortable


You can’t go wrong with these, so try them out now.

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