Cycorld Baggy MTB Shorts

Cycorld Baggy MTB Shorts: Can Budget be Great?

Cycorld Baggy MTB Shorts: Can Budget be Great?

One of my biggest problems buying mountain bike clothing is the logo on the kit. I spent half of the time feeling like a mobile billboard, and what's worse is the feeling of spending money to advertise these clothing brands. I like to wear nice plain clothes without logos, and this is where Cycorld baggy mtb shorts come in.

Baggy MTB Shorts

They are black and have no logo. It's just the kind of riding gear I like. It's funny how faner more and more people ask you what you're wearing when you're riding on the trails.

I guess other people feel the same way and no longer want to look like racers because no one is paying you for those badges.


Who are Cycorld?

So, who is cycorld? cycorld looks to be one of those buying directly from China companies. You will occasionally see stories about people having issues with Chinese companies, but I tend to have a good experience with them, and so do other people that I know.

You can buy these shorts from their online store and process the payment in a safe environment, which gives you more peace of mind when buying. and they are free shipping


Quality zipper

My first impressions were that they were well made. I pulled on all the zippers, a bit more forcefully than was needed, just to see how they would fair.

I have broken more than my fair share of zippers when using gloved hands and not being easy on them. I found the zippers to be reassuringly up to this task.

Baggy MTB Shorts

When pulling the zipper, I also realized that these shorts are very light. They will be very suitable for spending a whole day on the trails. They are also very fast, they are quite small when folded, and do not take up too much space, so if you like to go out and see the world, this might be a good bicycle packaging option.


Elastic waist

To help with the fit, you will find an elasticated waistband and a heavy duty set of Velcro straps. The straps feel reassuringly robust when you tug on them, which makes them pretty good for a mid-ride tightening or loosening. Even using gloved hands while still riding you will be able easily to modify their tightness.

Baggy MTB Shorts

At the other end of the shorts, you will find ventilated stretch panels. Not only do these panels allow your legs to breathe but they help the shorts to go over knee pads. I found them to sit nice and easily over my TSG pads.

Baggy MTB Shorts

Above the stretch panels on both legs sits a pair of pockets. The Cycorld baggy mtb shorts have a load of storage options. You can outdo hamsters on how much you can carry with you on a ride using these shorts.

These lower leg pockets have weatherproof zippers. If you are not using them to carry anything on hot days, you can open them and gain some more ventilation for your legs.

Baggy MTB Shorts


Zip it up

The back pockets are also zippered, and I found I could fit my wallet easily into either of these pockets and then secure it. Keeping it there for the vital trail center café stop for coffee and cake. The front pockets do not have a zip and act just like the pockets on your jeans.

I generally put a gel in these pockets, as it is easy to get into when riding and I ride with the belief that the gel will prevent hippers when I fall. In case you are in doubt, it doesn’t really.

My only criticism would be the pocket rivets. They are pretty shiny, and for me, it detracts from the all black look. I will very likely darken them up myself, and it does seem to be a pretty minor gripe.

It is also one that I can thankfully easily fix and change myself. My complaint also feels pretty mean spirited given how cheap these shorts are. I can easily buy two or three pairs for the same price as my usual shorts.

In short, I love these baggy mtb shorts, at their price point, they are great. They fit just as well as my branded shorts.

They have zips that work, unlike some of my branded shorts. They look good. They have pretty much become my go-to short, possibly because they go with everything being plain black.

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