Cycling knee injury prone? May be caused by these problems

Cycling knee injury prone? May be caused by these problems

Cycling knee injury prone? May be caused by these problems

The meniscus of the knee is a fibrocartilaginous tissue with a thick circumferential wedge shape and a thin inner edge, which is half-moon shaped in plan view and is called the meniscus; it fills the space between the femoral and tibial condyles and has the function of enhancing the stability of the knee joint. The structural and functional characteristics of the meniscus determine that it is one of the most easily damaged tissues in the knee joint.

The following are 8 situations that are more likely to cause injury.

1. The direction of force when riding is not consistent with the foot and pedals.

2. Sudden force to speed when the thigh muscle strength did not keep up.

When the muscles are highly fatigued (without cramps), if the muscle strength of the thighs can not be brought up, the whole body weight plus the original pressure will be all over the knee, I tried once, the knee quickly swell up, practice bending knee can not, but in the application of drugs and do a small amount of walking after the swelling slowly. I heard that a long-term situation like this can cause fluid retention.

3. Long-term low-frequency riding.

Many people will think that low frequency riding can make the power better, but the chance of injury to both knees will be much greater than high frequency.

4. Excessive climbing exercises.

5. Too high or too low saddle height.

6. Excessive weighted deep squatting exercises.

Strength exercises should be gradual, a little too much weight will make the knee injury.

7. The knee injury is not treated in a timely manner.

8. Incorrect warm-up exercises.

Do some warm-up exercises related to the knee for a long time, such as bending knee rotation. This action will wear out the meniscus and is not advocated.

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