Why do cyclists always become the scenery of one way or two way column?

Why do cyclists always become the scenery of one way or two way column?

Why do cyclists always become the scenery of one way or two way column?

Why is it that during road bike racing, you always see riders in one way or two way columns of scenery?

In the cycling arena, there are no permanent enemies, and in a race where every second counts, riders can be temporary friends in order to fight against wind resistance.

Tanque cycling flashlight learned that, whether out of competition or out of practice, a professional cycling team essential wheeling skills, want to ride efficiently, must adhere to several principles, otherwise improper operation, but will consume each other's physical strength, the results obtained counterproductive.

1. Composition of members

The ideal wheelbarrow should adopt the way of hen with chicks, and the team will have both experienced veteran birds and fledgling up-and-coming riders.

2. Formation

In the first column, all drivers follow the first driver's footsteps and keep advancing at a certain speed. When the first driver retreats to the side of the team, the second one will fill in immediately, and the time of each hand change is as short as a few seconds or as long as several minutes.

A small reminder: choose one way column, can reduce the space used on the road.

The two-way column is divided into acceleration column and rest column according to the speed. As the name implies, the rider is divided into two parallel, and constantly moving wheelbarrow skills, also known as water drop wheelbarrow or track wheelbarrow, usually in this case, one of the speed of one way will be slightly faster than the other.

And wheelbarrow exactly how to do it? Simply put, if you are the top wind, when you overtake the rider in the rest row by a distance of one front wheel, it is time to prepare for the shift, retreat to the rider in the rest row, follow the rhythm of the wheelbarrow until you reach the end of the line and fill the position of the last rider in the acceleration row.

Why do cyclists always become the scenery of one way or two way column?

3. How to practice

First, you can first try the method of all the way column, the top wind leader team about twenty seconds after the change of hands, retreat from the left or right side of the team can be, and the team to maintain a fairly close distance, about slightly can touch the degree of elbow, retreat to the end of the team.

A small reminder: it is best to inform your teammates with hand signals when wheeling, and to unify the direction of wheeling, if you are changing from the right side, then swing your left elbow, and vice versa.

Then advanced to try tracked wheelbarrow, the team into two parallel, experience the top wind position, as well as retreat to the rest column of the operation, respectively, simulating the clockwise and counterclockwise direction of operation, until skilled.

Finally, we should practice the formation adjustment in the face of side wind, facing the wind in different directions, the exit direction will also be adjusted, strong side wind conditions, the team will have a deviation situation, this formation is called ladder formation, some people call it slanting ladder formation, and even have the back and front wheel overlap, but this action must take considerable risk, if inexperienced, skimming to the back of the rider's front wheel, may lead to the whole team fall. If you are not experienced enough, you may cause the whole team to fall, so you should find an open place to practice.

For example, if the wind is coming from the right front, the team should face the wind and adjust to a diagonal riding position to save energy.

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