Cycling Shorts For Beginners:The Ultimate Guide in 2022

Cycling Shorts For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide in 2022

Cycling Shorts For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide in 2022

For professional sports people and enthusiasts who love bicycle riding, the equipment of course can not be too bad, and cycling shorts is one of the more important equipment, can be said to be a kind of cycling necessities, and the frequency of use is also quite high. Cycling shorts are one of the most important pieces of cycling equipment, which not only help you reduce the pain of your buttocks but also reduce wind resistance to improve comfort and multiply the fun of cycling.

1. Application scenes and classification of cycling shorts

Nowadays, the development of cycling shorts is changing day by day, and there are many different kinds. Cycling is becoming more and more popular, and there are many kinds of peripheral products derived from it.

Cycling Shorts For Beginners:The Ultimate Guide in 2022

What are cycling shorts? Are cycling shorts necessary?

Long rides inevitably cause discomfort in various parts of the body, and cycling shorts can effectively reduce or eliminate the discomfort during the ride. The material used in cycling shorts is generally elastic material, which effectively wraps the muscles of the thighs and hips, and can effectively preserve muscle memory; at the same time, it can effectively reduce the friction between the thighs and the body, effectively protecting the thighs; in addition, there will be an inner cushion design, which can help shock absorption and disperse the distribution of pressure, thus effectively reducing the sense of pressure and discomfort in the process of riding, and at the same time, there is moisture absorption and sweat wicking, reducing wind resistance, fall prevention and sterilization. The role of anti-fall and sterilization. It can be said that the role of cycling shorts is still quite large, in order to be more healthy and reasonable cycling sports, choose a suitable cycling shorts is quite necessary.

Classification of cycling shorts

Usually, the standard cycling shorts are usually padded and tight-fitting, which can be easily used for both mountain cross-country and road cycling, and besides the general cycling shorts, there are also different kinds of cycling pants, such as cycling underwear, long cycling pants, baggy cycling pants and cycling bib-shorts, etc. The baggy cycling pants are mainly designed to meet the needs of people who do not adapt to tight pants, and the material elasticity and breathability are generally poor. They are mainly designed for cold weather, and the requirements for breathability of the materials used in cycling pants are generally not too high, and they usually have an insulating effect.

Usually, cycling shorts are the most common, simple and relatively inexpensive, but their waistband area has a certain pressure on the abdomen. Bib cycling pants don't have this problem, but they can be a bit of a pain to get on and off. Backpack cycling pants also help you tighten the muscle groups in the back of your waist and back, making it easier to apply force. At the same time, the straps also have a sweat deflecting effect, so competitive players will choose, usually choose cycling shorts more convenient.

Construction of cycling shorts

The fabric of cycling shorts is mostly made of LYCRA fabric with strong elasticity, while for high-grade cycling shorts, COOLMAX material with both elasticity and breathability will be used; the pants are mostly cut in three dimensions, and the number of pieces of splicing is from 4-8 pieces or even more, the more pieces means the more fit the pants, but too many pieces will have the problem of more seam lines, usually we consider about 8 pieces can be. In addition, a good seam line has a certain elasticity, when shopping for seams can be pulled to see if there is a case of off-line.

Cycling Shorts For Beginners:The Ultimate Guide in 2022

At the same time, the elastic material of the leg is also very important. Usually this elastic material has rubber bands and silicone, etc. Rubber bands have a sense of bondage, but the price is cheaper. And silicone is good to the touch, not easy to slide, the disadvantage is not too breathable. Now some cycling shorts also use high elastic fabric as elastic band, more comfortable fit and less likely to cause skin sensitivity.

Cycling Shorts For Beginners:The Ultimate Guide in 2022

Then there is the padding of the cycling shorts, which is a very important component. Cheap cycling shorts, usually just ordinary sponge, are not only stuffy and not breathable, but also lack support. Now most of the pads use 3D design, different density and thickness of the pad can better disperse pressure, recessed grooves are conducive to perspiration and promote air flow, to achieve the effect of breathability. The bonded fabric on the upper layer of the pant pads requires softness, hygiene, breathability, sterilization, moisture absorption and perspiration wicking. In addition, the core material of the pants pad is silicone and high density, high elasticity sponge, need to have a certain degree of support and elasticity, the purchase can be repeatedly pressed by hand to feel.

Cycling Shorts For Beginners:The Ultimate Guide in 2022

As the saying goes, there are differences between men and women, and the same is true in cycling shorts. Usually men's shorts are longer in the front and back to protect important parts, and narrower on the left and right. For women, the pelvis is wider than that of men, so the padding is designed to be shorter in the front and back and wider in the left and right. If you are more specialized, you will find that cycling pants will be different depending on the type of sport. Cross-country, endurance road bike riding, triathlon, etc., the riding posture is different, the force pivot point. There are front and back differences in position, and the intensity of the vibrations endured while riding is also different, which determines the difference in the design of the pant pads, you can choose according to your needs.

2. The use method and maintenance of cycling shorts

Knowing the different application scenarios and types of cycling shorts, the following is to introduce the correct usage and maintenance of cycling shorts.

Cycling Shorts For Beginners:The Ultimate Guide in 2022

How to properly wear cycling shorts

Many friends are confused about whether they need to wear other things inside their cycling shorts and how to wear some cycling shorts. In fact, for the first time to wear cycling shorts of the partners, should not need to wear other, because cycling shorts need to effectively and skin fit to avoid unnecessary friction, so as to achieve maximum comfort, while wearing other will affect the cycling shorts of perspiration and breathable performance of the normal play; of course, if really can not adapt to do not wear other riding, should try to choose a relatively thin and fit the skin of other. The purpose of cycling shorts is to keep the ride comfortable, so you should choose the right cycling shorts and adjust them to the right position to ensure that all parts fit perfectly with your body. After finishing, you should squat down once or twice to make the cycling shorts fit better with your hips and check whether the pads fit with your hips.

An important feature of cycling shorts is that they are very elastic, so if you feel that they are not elastic enough, you can replace them; at the same time, it is best not to ride for too long, and you should clean them in one day.

Cleaning of cycling shorts

The padding of cycling shorts is prone to bacterial growth, and effective cleaning of cycling shorts is essential. You can also use a bacteriostatic agent for sterilization. The washing process should not be too intense. The fabric and padding of cycling shorts, although they have good elasticity, can also have the worry of deformation. Therefore, hand washing is recommended, and if machine washing is used, it should also be set to gentle mode. Also cycling shorts are usually quick drying fabrics, so after washing, just wring out the water by hand and hang dry, do not use the washing machine to spin and tumble dry. These instructions are generally available when you buy cycling shorts, so you can refer to them.

How to hand wash your cycling shorts

How to hand wash your cycling shorts
Turn your cycling shorts over and soak them in the sink. Sprinkle on some detergent or even body wash (a mild kind that doesn't contain softener, chlorine or any harsh substances). Fill the sink with cold water. Squeeze and massage the cycling shorts until the water lathers and feels like soap. Let the shorts soak in there for 15 minutes. Soaking in cold, soapy water is critical. It basically kills the bacteria quickly.
Then rinse off the soap. And squeeze out the water and soap until it no longer feels soapy. Let the clean water re-soak the shorts, then squeeze out the water. Repeat this until you are satisfied that it is clean.

3. Points for choosing cycling shorts

I believe that after listening to so many introductory knowledge about cycling shorts, we must be curious then how to choose cycling shorts? What kind of cycling shorts should I choose? Here is a further introduction.
Cycling Shorts For Beginners:The Ultimate Guide in 2022

1. Size should be appropriate

Choosing the right cycling shorts is very necessary to enjoy cycling as well as to protect your health, and you should focus on a few aspects when choosing them. The first is the size of the cycling shorts, must ensure that the cycling shorts can effectively fit the body, should not be too tight, not to mention loose, so as to allow the pads to play a full role, too big or too small will lead to pad displacement.

2. Cycling shorts are not the more expensive the better

Secondly, you can refer to the price of cycling shorts, but not the more expensive the better, it still depends on each person's riding habits and physical conditions to judge, professional sports prefer to choose thin pads, but the average person may not be able to adapt; because professional athletes long-term training has a very human "iron butt", they are more concerned about improving the efficiency of pedaling and breathability of the long race, then A thin layer of sponge, as long as the skin is not worn out is enough.
Such a thin pad is obviously not good for beginners. In addition, riding habits are different, weekend ride a little, do not care too much about the thickness of the pad, thin point instead of stuffy. If long-distance riding, or choose a thicker bar, hot spots are better than painful afraid to sit on the seat.

Bibs are professional, but if not for racing, the "bathroom" issue is worth weighing...
Cycling shorts are the standard tight-fitting cycling pants with pads for road/mountain trail use. It can be called the best clothing. Because these cycling pants are mostly made of LYCRA fabric, it is stretchy and moves freely. High-grade cycling shorts guard pick and COOLMAX material production breathability is excellent, even in the summer wearing this this fabric made of cycling shorts, will not be long hard. Also reduce the pressure on the pubic area very effective.

Recommended cycling shorts

Cycling Shorts For Beginners:The Ultimate Guide in 2022

It has COOLMAX moisture wicking function pad, is in accordance with the ergonomic principle of 3D three-dimensional molding, to ensure that the blood flow in the state of strenuous exercise, good elasticity effect to avoid bruises in the state of cycling strenuous, etc.. Its fabric is treated with antibacterial technology, adding the ingredients of COOLMAX, fast moisture wicking sweat to return you a dry skin. It also uses moisture wicking cycling professional fabric, fabric added Lycra, fiber free stretching to be released by external forces can quickly return to the original length, thus excellent conformability. In addition to light, quick dry, not easy to change the shape, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, easy to clean features. Another thing I think it has a fashion personality.

3. Material of pads

There are two kinds of common pads: sponge and silicone, silicone is generally less breathable and also easily deformed; sponge is breathable but generally not as elastic as silicone, so when choosing, you can squeeze the pads, and if there is still a sense of sliding and rebound when squeezing, it proves that it is still good; some friends are not quite adapted to riding without underwear, in fact, there are also cycling underwear, you can Choose the ones that are quick drying and have silicone.


Cycling Shorts For Beginners:The Ultimate Guide in 2022


 Is there a difference between women's pads and men's pads?

Yes, there is. Experience shows that even as a woman, you can usually manage quite well with a man's pad. However, have far fewer problems on longer tours with cycling shorts that are made especially for women. The pads for men are often cut quite wide or just not perfectly adapted to the female anatomy, so that the pad rather disturbs than protects. Conversely, men are unlikely to prefer women's cycling shorts, not only because of the colors of women's cycling shorts. The padding is often too narrow and more skimpy than on men's or unisex cycling shorts.

If you're just starting out and doing small laps at first, then of course the pad doesn't have to fit perfectly right away. But you will definitely notice the difference after a few hours and then realize whether the cycling shorts really fit or not. In any case, I prefer to ride with cycling shorts that are made especially for women. As with the saddle also applies here: there is not THE best cycling shorts. Since only try out helps, every butt is different!

The butt pain encountered on a bike is a more complex problem, and choosing a suitable pair of pants may solve half of it.
A suitable car seat and the correct sitting posture is also indispensable.

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