Adjust the bike in this way when these pains occur

Adjust the bike in this way when these pains occur

Adjust the bike in this way when these pains occur

In the process of riding, do you feel discomfort? In fact, some fine adjustments can help you solve the problem easily. Here are some suggestions that will allow you to bring your posture to perfection.

1. If you have: pain in front of the knee

Then: insufficient leg extension

Possible cause: bike seat too low

Possible corrections: Follow the bikefit instructions to find the right position and raise or lower the seat as needed. If the problem is still not solved, consult an expert; it may also be due to other adjustment problems or muscle imbalances.

2. If you: have neck pain

Then: you may have stuck your neck out too much

Possible causes: The handlebar is too long. The seat is too far back. The handlebars are too low.

Possible fixes: Find the problem. Replace the handlebar with a shorter one. Check the front and rear position of the seat. Add washers to the stem, or choose a shorter, more angled stem.

Don't: Push the seat to the front - it will mess up the seat adjustment and cause knee problems!

3. If you: have back pain

Then: You may be overstretching. Carrying too much weight, or having a muscle imbalance somewhere in your hips or legs.

Possible fixes: Try switching to a shorter or higher handlebar. Or strengthen the core muscles exercise.

Adjust the bike in this way when these pains occur

4. If you: have numbness in your hands

Then: too much weight on the handlebars

Possible causes: The handlebar cross is too low, the seat is too far back or forward, causing the body to slide forward and put more weight on the arms. Excessive bending of the wrist can also compress the nerves.

Possible fixes: Add handlebar washers or use a higher or shorter handlebar. Flatten the seat. Take care to hold the handlebar grip lightly, straighten the wrist, and change the position of the hand frequently. Spend some money on new handlebar straps and gloves.

Don't: Lower your seat or you may hurt your knees

5. If you: have a burning or tingling sensation in your feet

Then: locking tabs and shoes don't fit

Possible causes: The shoe is too tight. The locking piece is not in the correct position. Your foot or posture is not correct, such as pronated foot.

Possible corrections: Loosen the laces slightly. Move the locking tab back (about 2mm) and redistribute the pressure. If the problem persists, use a custom insole or other orthopedic fix

6. If you: feel pain or numbness from the seat

Then: need to change position or replace the seat

Possible causes: The handlebar post is too low, causing you to have to rotate your pelvis forward to reach the handlebars. The seat is tilted too much. The seat is too far back and you are sitting at the tip of your nose. The seat does not fit your butt.

Possible fixes: Add washers to raise the handlebar position. Flatten the seat. Check the front and rear position of the seat. Try a different seat. Weight should be supported by the sit bones, not the soft tissues.

7. If you: Pain behind the knee

Then: Hyperextension of the legs

Possible cause: Car seat too high

Possible corrections: Follow the car seat height guide to find the right position, raise or lower the car seat as needed. If the problem persists, consult a specialist; it may also be caused by other problems.

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