Find a pair of hiking pants that suits you

Find a pair of hiking pants that suits you

Find a pair of hiking pants that suits you

According to the itinerary to choose the hiking pants that suits you

1. General hiking in suburban mountains:light, thin, convenient and flexible

In general, hiking in the suburbs usually has a simple route and one-day round trip. Therefore, the choice of hiking pants is made of lightweight and ventilated materials, which are light, thin, convenient, and flexible. For example: tight sports pants, functional tight compression pants, sweat-wicking shorts.

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2. Humid and rainy mid-level mountain: breathable, dehumidify

In the middle-level mountain, the climate is humid and rainy. In addition to carrying rain pants or the hiking pants worn on the outer layer should be waterproof, the hiking pants should also be made of breathable and moisture-repellent materials to keep the skin from being stuffy. For example: moisture-wicking trousers, functional tight-fitting compression pants.

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3. Three-season mountain trekking: keep warm and wear-resistant

In spring, summer, and autumn (three seasons), you can choose hiking pants that are warm and wear-resistant, and those who are afraid of cold can wear warm pants on the bottom layer.

Find a pair of hiking pants that suits you

4. Difficult and complicated climbing routes: durable, strong, and high-strength

For more difficult and complex mountaineering routes with diverse terrains, such as non-popular mountaineering itineraries such as exploration itineraries, you should choose durable, sturdy, high-strength mountaineering trekking pants to provide better protection for your legs.

5. Mountain climbing in snow season: extremely warm

Because of the extremely cold and low temperature in the snow season, the warmth of hiking pants is the most important consideration, such as snow pants.

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Reminder: No matter what type of hiking pants you choose, you must bring rain pants when climbing, or make sure that your hiking pants have perfect waterproof effect!

You may ask: Can I wear shorts for hiking?

It is not recommended to wear shorts for hiking, because it is easy to be scratched by plants, or bitten by mosquitoes. It is not suitable to wear shorts in the low temperature environment on the mountain. Wearing long pants can protect your skin, but it still depends on it. Personal habits, difficulty of the itinerary, and route conditions are evaluated and considered.

In fact, no pair of trousers can meet the various needs of everyone. Whether it is the weather or terrain, temperature or the intensity of the trip, suitable mountaineering clothing is not the same. After reading the selection of hiking pants in this article, come and find a suitable hiking pants for your next hiking journey!

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