Do you know how to choose hiking pants?

Do you know how to choose hiking pants?

Do you know how to choose hiking pants?

There are many types of hiking pants. When choosing hiking pants, you should consider your own itinerary and habits. The clothing worn for outdoor sports must have the necessary functions to help us have a good performance in sports. Performance, if it is climbing high mountains, then the unpredictable weather should also be included in the purchase of hiking pants one of the key points. Do you know how to choose hiking pants? This article will tell you the key points of choosing hiking pants!

The key points of selection of hiking pants

1. Material fabric

Do you know how to choose hiking pants?

Cotton and denim fabrics are absolutely forbidden. In the early days, many travellers did not have enough mountaineering equipment and knowledge, so it was common for people to wear cotton trousers or jeans for climbing, but this is actually a very dangerous thing. Because cotton and denim are difficult to dry once they are soaked, they will lose their warmth retention effect in addition to increasing the weight of the fabric. If they are on the mountain, they may lose heat and cause death. The material of hiking pants should be made of materials that can breathe, wick moisture, and absorb sweat, such as polyester fiber, wool,etc. In winter, it is recommended to wear Merino wool on the innermost layer to increase warmth, while the outer layer is worn Wear-resistant hiking pants with wind and water resistance.

2. Windproof and waterproof effect

In the mountaineering and hiking, the most fear is that the clothes will get wet due to rain, so the waterproofness of the clothes is also very important. If there is a windproof effect, you can protect yourself from the cold. Among many outdoor functional pants, many are designed to be windproof, waterproof or water-repellent, and they are also one of the key points for climbing pants.

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3. Wear-resistant and elastic

One of the key points in the selection of hiking pants is the abrasion resistance of the pants. Because it is easy to cause friction with plants or rock walls during the climbing process, the abrasion resistance is very important. Good hiking pants can let you Don’t worry about your pants being hooked when crossing the terrain. Elasticity is also a point that needs to be considered for climbing pants. Whether you are crossing terrain, rock climbing or climbing, you need a piece of elastic pants to match the steps of big moves.

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4. Weight

Considering lightweight, the weight of hiking pants is also something that many people care about. There are also many lightweight and quick-drying pants on the market, but the warmer pants are usually thicker, so the weight will increase. This part The choice depends on the season, personal habits, and cold tolerance.

 Do you know how to choose hiking pants?

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