How To Choose Cycling Shorts

How To Choose Cycling Shorts

How To Choose Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are probably the most important piece of clothing when it comes to cycling gear. A good pair of cycling shorts prevents saddle pain and other discomfort while cycling. Cycling shorts are available in many designs and for every type of cyclist you can find a suitable cycling shorts. For recreational cyclists as well as mountain bikers and road cyclists who sit hundreds of miles a week in the saddle, cycling shorts are indispensable. In this blog, we have summarized some tips on how to choose the right cycling pants.

Cycling shorts with pad

It is true that there are cycling shorts in many different designs. However, they have in common, and this is also at the same time the biggest advantage over a normal sports pants, that a pad is sewn in. The padding ensures the absorption of sweat, prevents inflammation and prevents saddle pain. In the past, the padded insert consisted of a leather layer. Nowadays, on the other hand, synthetic materials are used, which are easier to wash and maintain. Which padding suits one best depends largely on personal taste. Cyclists who cover a lot of miles often prefer a thinner pad, while recreational cyclists often opt for a thicker model. For an optimal fit, it is important that no underwear is worn under the cycling shorts. A cycling jersey, a cycling helmet, cycling shoes and practical accessories complete the cycling clothing.

 How To Choose Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts with or without straps

Cycling shorts are available with or without straps. Cycling shorts with straps are called bib shorts and are less likely to slip down. For those who do a lot of miles on the bike (road cyclists), the choice of bib shorts is obvious. Not to forget that a bibshort is not made for running, but for cycling. Thanks to the suspenders, the shorts never sag and the seams stay in place. If you don't spend hours in the saddle (touring cyclists, mountain bikers), then a pair of cycling shorts without suspenders that give more freedom of movement might fit better. While road cyclists like to go for tight, aerodynamic bike shorts, mountain bikers and touring cyclists are quicker to choose a wider and more stable pants.

Cycling shorts for women

There are special cycling shorts for women on the market. The shape of a seat pad in women's shorts differs from that in men's shorts. Experience will help to find out what personally suits a cyclist best. One should definitely pay close attention to the areas of the seams so that they do not cause irritation. Women's cycling shorts also come in a wide range between models with and without suspenders. Not to be forgotten when buying a pair of cycling shorts is that they should sit really comfortably, especially in the sitting position.

How To Choose Cycling Shorts

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