How to respond effectively in the event of a cycling accident?

How to respond effectively in the event of a cycling accident?

How to respond effectively in the event of a cycling accident?

Going out for a bike ride can be relaxing and enjoyable, and many of the times when you let your guard down are accompanied by the likelihood of an accident.

Before going out we should be prepared to reduce ourselves in the riding accident injury, and in a pinch may save you.

1. Please don't travel under the radar

If you're flying solo, take a few seconds to send a message to a loved one or close friend first, telling them where you're riding and when you'll be back.

Generally riders want to ride a trip may be 20, 30 kilometers, no need to give a special account, but if no one knows where you are going it will be difficult to find you, especially if the cycling route is relatively remote leave a message will be more important.

2. Make personal information clear

Write down your basic information and emergency contact number on a small card and put it in your car bag or put it together with your cell phone.

When the unavoidable accident comes, you need to do the following steps to protect yourself.

1) Protect your head

Always wear a helmet to protect your head. If you fall, pay special attention to the head injury area, especially some people who fall and hit their head at first without discomfort, and then may start to feel uncomfortable, and sometimes brain bleeding can occur, and may even lead to death.

You should call an ambulance or seek medical attention as soon as possible if

The helmet breaks, which means a hard blow to the head.

A headache starts and instead of slowing down, it gets worse

Feel unable to see when you get up and need immediate medical examination

Losing consciousness ......

How to respond effectively in the event of a cycling accident?

2) Take a deep breath

A very common problem with cycling injuries is that the chest is generally not traumatized by the handlebar impact, so many people think there is nothing wrong with it, so try taking a deep breath. If you have difficulty breathing, it will hurt, there must be a problem!

Because you may have cracked ribs, cracked ribs may have sharp edges, and this time once you move you may stab your lungs.

3) Give yourself an abdominal examination

There are many soft tissues and organs in our abdomen that may also be bumped or stabbed by handlebars, so touch your abdomen with your own hands for a simple check. If there are parts that feel abnormally soft to the touch, there may be internal injuries. If the abdomen becomes hard or swollen, it may be a sign of internal bleeding.

4) Move the spine carefully

Neck and back injuries are very serious, and you can usually move your fingers and toes to determine if the condition is good.

If there is numbness or tingling sensation is possible spinal injury, head can also slowly turn 45 degrees to the left and right, if you feel uncomfortable, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

5) Stop bleeding quickly

If the body has a wound bleeding, do not stop the bleeding around the limb like in the movie, risk doing so may bring greater harm, this time to do basic first aid measures on. The only thing you have to do is to use something clean to the wound direct pressure to stop the bleeding, calmly waiting for rescue.

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