How to remedy the severe wear of the outer tire for long-distance riding?

How to remedy the severe wear of the outer tire for long-distance riding?

How to remedy the severe wear of the outer tire for long-distance riding?

As you know, in long-distance riding, the inner and outer tires are the most frequently replaced compared to other bike parts, and when you encounter bad road conditions or near industrial areas, the chances of the inner tire being zapped increase greatly, while the outer tire will also be worn very seriously, and over time, the surface of the outer tire will become thin and uneven in some places, and the badly injured outer tire has actually lost a considerable part of its protective effect on the inner tire. The result is that the tire patch is not enough, and the inner tire is even more bruised, and at this time you are riding in the middle of nowhere, can not immediately take a ride and other rescue methods, what to do? The following method can be used in this particular case.


1. Generally long-distance riding are recommended to have at least two inner tubes, in this particular case, you can choose the most patches of an inner tube to use, with small scissors to select the inner tube longitudinal cut in two, so that after the cut or a car tire shape.
2. Take off the inner tube and rim of the outer tire that is badly injured, and clean up the small stones and debris on the surface of the injured outer tire.
3. Cut the inner tube pad in the outer tire, pad after the inner tube and rim back together, so that the inner tube pad on the inner tire to play a protective role, reducing the second damage caused by the outer tire breakage on the inner tube.

    However, if the outer tire has been damaged to the point of no shape, this way only play an emergency role, or to go to the bike store as soon as possible to change the outer tire.


    1.You have to take into account the size of your bike outer tire in small cities or towns whether the bike store can be easily bought, like Silence's Coyote is 700 * 38c outer tire, in many places simply can not buy, all for this type of situation in the outer tire wear is not too serious when you have to put the inner tube pad in it la.
    2.The use of this method that you can reuse the discarded inner tube, but also to reduce the chance of the inner tube was lacerated.

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