How to solve the riding cushion uncomfortable?

How to solve the riding cushion uncomfortable?

How to solve the riding cushion uncomfortable?

Everyone in the process of riding will have experienced discomfort in the buttocks. The main manifestation is that the area in contact with the saddle is sometimes uncomfortable or painful. So how do we effectively prevent these symptoms from occurring? How can we reasonably reduce the discomfort caused by the cushion while riding?

1. Feel carefully

When riding if your lower part starts to feel stiff, then you can not ignore the damage caused by the saddle to you. If you think it's just a process and you'll slowly get used to it by practicing "Iron Fart", you're wrong. If you continue to ride despite the danger signals from your body, it may cause more serious consequences.

2. Lift your butt out of the saddle

Even if you don't climb, standing up and getting off the saddle every 10-15 minutes will help your blood flow smoothly.

3. Check the position of the saddle

Careful and correct tuning of the vehicle, especially the right height of the saddle will often produce a noticeable improvement in the riding sensation and will also prevent you from twisting around in the saddle.

How to solve the riding cushion uncomfortable?

4. Wear the right clothing

A well-fitting pair of riding pants with padding will provide excellent protection, and a little skin cream can further reduce friction and thus provide significant protection.

5. Maintain personal hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene can prevent the occurrence of various bacterial infections. You should wear clean riding pants every time, and avoid sitting around when sweat soaks your riding pants.

6. Choose the right cushion

Everyone's hip shape is different, and there is no one cushion that will fit everyone. Do not be foolish to think that the kind of big and fat cushion is most suitable for the butt, sometimes those thin and slender very thin cushion but more comfortable. Although over time, the cushion will slowly begin to deform to fit your hip shape, but this is precisely because it originally did not fit your buttocks, but also the culprit of back and lumbosacral pain.

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