Easy to fall when front braking? Try these tips

Easy to fall when front braking? Try these tips

Easy to fall when front braking? Try these tips

The front brake can provide you with very good braking power, but it can also turn you into a trapeze. Here are the braking tips.

1. Shift your weight back when using the front brake

When you use the front brake, your center of gravity will naturally shift forward due to inertia. You must practice consciously shifting your center of gravity backwards (body lowered, butt back) when you start braking. The more you move your weight back, the more braking power you can use.

You can practice on sandy or somewhat slippery flat surfaces, picking up speed using different forces to depress your front and rear brakes to learn how to control your brakes. Or ask an expert how he uses his brakes while riding.

2. Reduce the power of the front brake when turning

As with driving a car, you have to reduce your speed when turning. If you press down hard on your brakes while turning, you will create a sideslip and lose control. Use both your front and rear brakes to reduce your speed while turning. Your front wheel response will be reduced when braking, so reduce the front brake force and your turn will be perfect.

If you are in a sharp downhill turn and need to use your brakes, try to use the rear brakes as much as possible. If you are on level ground, lower your weight back at the last minute when braking with 30% of the front and 70% of the rear braking force to make the braking action.

3. Don't over-press the front brake

"Inertia is your friend", you need speed to get through rocks and obstacles. Otherwise the wheels will stop turning and throw you over the handlebars. Excessive pressure on the front brake will shift your center of gravity forward and cause the front end to dip.

If you are using the front brake in a tight downhill turn, you must control your front and rear brakes at the same time, not pressing them too hard all the time.

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