How to wear clothes on the road for a long ride?

How to wear clothes on the road for a long ride?

How to wear clothes on the road for a long ride?

This post is for newbies

Long-distance riding equipment newbies are most concerned about how to dress on the road, and what clothes to bring? Now share with you by 5 parts: head, hands, feet, upper body, lower limbs.


The head is an important part of warmth and sun protection, long-distance riding, whether it is the plateau or the plains, if the head is not well warmed, long time to put the slope by the cold wind blowing, will certainly headache. The plain is fine, take a day off to eat some medicine may be able to relieve. But in high altitude areas will aggravate the plateau reaction, causing severe headache, it is difficult to take medicine and injections to recover in a day or two, so your trip will be forced to terminate.

Let's talk about warmth first.

Recommend fleece head cover, this thing is comfortable to wear, do not worry about it down, long-distance riding a fleece head cover is a essential thing for me, although the fleece bandana can also be set to the head, but pull upward will be strangled neck uncomfortable, put the slope head warmth artifact, plus a helmet rain cover for rain protection and warmth.

Let's talk about sun protection: head is mainly face sun protection, a brim with a duck tongue cap or fisherman's hat, one or two thin bandanas.

Turban this small object can bring a two, do not worry about washing not dry, this thing washed even if the morning up did not dry, the morning sun almost nothing harm, can hang handlebar a while on blowing dry, mainly or easy to lose, thin head cover instead of turban to wear more comfortable.

The role of the turban is to cover the face and ears, neck parts, but the turban can only be pulled up to the bridge of the nose, the sun in front will put the bridge of the nose above the sun, this time the role of the brim is to be able to cover the sun in front, while rainy days he can cover for you to cover a certain amount of rain floating to the glasses.

Fisherman's cap wear helmet on both sides will hitch down more cover from the side of the sun, glasses is also eye sun protection essential, brim to a certain extent can protect the eye.

Tip: If you have a larger head circumference, you can buy a topless duck-tip hat to facilitate the wearing of helmets.

Head protection list: a brimmed duck tongue hat or fisherman's hat, 1 or two thin bandanas, or a head cover, a fleece head cover, a pair of riding glasses, a helmet rain cover.

You can also use physical sun protection, such as applying sunscreen.

Palm: hand protection is also the main warmth and sun protection, May to September a pair of half-finger gloves plus a pair of fleece gloves, plus a pair of household dishwashing rubber gloves, preferably large size thin models. The benefit of half-finger gloves is the convenience of operating a cell phone, fleece gloves role is to put the slope to keep warm, rubber gloves to protect against wind and rain. If you are afraid of gloves half sun discoloration it can also be half-finger gloves for thin long finger gloves, October to April fleece gloves must be replaced with ski gloves, ski gloves do not rubber gloves, because ski gloves can also generally prevent light rain, there is no heavy rain in winter.

Tip: If the slope even ski gloves can not carry, you can put the rain cover on the handlebars to play a certain role in wind protection, the immediate effect.


If you have with short sleeves, then you must prepare sun protection cuffs, if it is long sleeves without sun protection cuffs.

The list is as follows: a pair of half-finger gloves or thin long-finger gloves, a pair of fleece gloves (or ski gloves), a pair of rubber gloves (optional), a pair of sunscreen sleeves (optional).


Shoes are best low-top hiking shoes, riding and driving just the opposite, the bottom hard point thick point pedaling up to powerful, rainproof shoe cover rain or put slope can be to a certain extent to keep the temperature of the shoes, I every long-distance riding are only wearing hiking shoes, laces too heavy. The normal socks are a little longer, but the thicker socks will also be cold.

Long-distance riding socks are best changed on the same day, socks are extremely uncomfortable to wear on the road after sweating, washed and dried directly hanging on the packet blowing a day on dry.

The list is as follows: one pair of low-top hiking shoes, one pair of rainproof shoe covers, and three pairs of ordinary socks.

How to wear clothes on the road for a long ride?


May to September: a spring and autumn jacket, a single thin down, a single thin split raincoat, a cycling top, 1 piece of quick-drying short sleeves plus sun protection sleeve cover a payment, a skin windproof jacket.

Tip: cycling tops can be replaced with short sleeves, the advantage of cycling tops is the back pocket to put cell phones or other small objects easy to take, but beware of cell phones turned out.

From October to April, you should add two quick-drying fall pants and a single down vest, minus the spring and fall jacket, minus the quick-drying short sleeves and sun protection sleeves.

The vest is not necessarily used, but must be spare, in case of a cold snap large area cooling will be tragic.


From May to September a pair of sports pants, a pair of cycling pants, two quick-drying non-marking underwear, a pair of knee pads foot also!

Cycling to wear cycling pants, cycling pants are stronger than the seat 


The two quick-drying fall pants should be increased from October to March, as long as it is not winter riding in the morning is a pair of riding pants plus knee pads, to wear a pair of fall pants inside the riding pants, if the temperature is low in the morning then set rain pants on the outside, remember that the knee is very important to keep warm, so knee pads are a must.

Tip: Pants wear thick you will be like a big stupid bear a day can not find the feeling, not like clothes wear more can always take off, even if the last only a fall clothes.

The vulnerable part of the leg is the knee, other places cold point okay, feet you wear more is still the same cold, and then cold is not fatal, winter is too cold on the cart for a while, or step in place for a while.

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