Long distance riding to improve endurance, you should do this!

Long distance riding to improve endurance, you should do this!

Long distance riding to improve endurance, you should do this!

Long distance riding must be preceded by a proper long distance ride once a week. Our aerobic capacity and muscular endurance are bound to improve through weekly rides, but this must be based on a proper grasp of the rhythm and method of riding.

We often see this scenario: soon after the start or just to the countryside, everyone saw the road open up on the spur of the moment, rushed, or each other or with the car to ride hard ...... If you plan the distance in more than 100 km, the result is often the beginning of the spirited, almost back when one exhausted ...... and then sleep heavily, the next day still exhausted.

If you can't recover well the next day either, you should take a look at your riding process. I'm afraid that your muscle tissue and other bodily functions have been damaged, which means that not only did you not improve yourself on this ride but you may have hurt yourself.

In fact: training is about quality, not quantity. If you train scientifically a 10km ride is much better than a clueless 100km ride! So how do you improve your ability through long distance riding?

Long distance riding to improve endurance, you should do this!

1. Develop enjoyment of long distance rather than fear.

Riding easily is a good method, if you have a heart rate meter you should keep your heart rate around 70%, preferably not more than 80%. If you don't have a heart rate meter you better keep your speed at 26-28 km/h and ride with an easy gear ratio.

There should be a lot of people have seen long distance rider generally ride slowly.  In such a ride "speed" is a supporting role, in fact, long-distance riding exercise is aerobic capacity, is to train the endurance of your legs, the so-called "ten thousand feet high building flat ground", this is the basic training, is the beginning of all the improvement. We also need to learn to avoid fatigue in the long distance, to be good at adjusting physical fitness with mood.You will gradually like long-distance riding and adapt to stay in the car for 4-5 hours in a row.

2.Do some interval sprinting exercises

Maybe many friends doubt that they can't improve their speed in this ride. Then, you can do some interval sprinting exercises at the end of this ride around a dozen kilometers, if the physical fitness is not good, it is best not to do it, every 3 to 5 minutes sprint once, each time a kilometer, do three to five times. When it comes to sprinting naturally is to do your best, there is a heart rate table can observe their heart rate, no matter what teeth you use than to ensure that the frequency is more than 100 times the best 120 times.

3. Never travel on an empty stomach

If you don't eat anything an hour before you start, even in the process of your later ride, every few kilometers to give you a supplement to the Tour de France with energy bars is also in vain.  It is best to drink some water every 15 minutes, do not wait until you are thirsty and then drink!

4. Learn to control yourself, this is very critical

The road is wide and people are scarce it is easy to forget to control yourself, although heart rate control 70% to 80% everyone knows, but not everyone is able to do. Learn to control is the key to success!

Long distance riding to improve endurance, you should do this!

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