Solving 25 headaches of bicycle problems(1)

Solving 25 headaches of bicycle problems(1)

Solving 25 headaches of bicycle problems(1)

1. Every time the inner tube is patched and just put back on, it is flat again

If the hole on the inner tube is on the inside, the cushion belt may be misaligned, causing the inner tube to be cut by the spokes; if it is on the outside, there may be some tiny and sharp foreign objects in the outer tube. Carefully feel the inside of the outer tire with your fingers to find the foreign object and take it out.

2. Frequent flat tires

Pump up the tire more often, especially for road bikes, you can pump up to the recommended maximum air pressure value of the outer tire.

3. Reinstall the outer tire, but it won't fit the rim properly.

Bleed off the air and rub the outer tire into the correct position by hand. Push the outer tire from towards the middle and check if there is an inner tube exposed. Make sure the inner tube is completely into the outer tube when re-inflated.

4. The patch cannot be glued to the inner tube

Use more glue and let it dry thoroughly - about five minutes. (Don't blow on it with your mouth just to dry it quickly - this will leave moisture on it and prevent the glue from bonding). When using the patch, remember to avoid touching the gluing surface with your fingers.

Solving 25 headaches of bicycle problems(1)

5. Wheel squeaking

There may be spokes that are loose. If the tension is balanced, the sound may be caused by a slight collision of the crossed spokes. Lubricate the crossover points sparingly and wipe off any excess lubricant.

6. Rattling sound when pedaling

Tighten the crank bolt. If the crank still squeaks, remove it, apply a layer of grease to the axle core, and reinstall the crank.

7. The big gear plate wobbles and the chain rubs the front paddle guide

Look for loose disc pegs.

8. You were bold enough to remove the chain and cassette, clean the teeth set, but now the front derailleur is not shifting correctly

You may have installed the discs backwards. Remove the cassette and install it correctly. Usually, the crank bolt fits right into the mounting hole of the cassette. Make sure the disks are evenly spaced from each other when viewed from directly above.

9. You try to remove the disk nail, but it spins with

Just use a wider one-touch screwdriver or a special disk peg tool to fix it in the notch on the back of the disk peg.

10. You try to remove or adjust the crank, but it slips - now it won't come off

Go around and ride it a few more times. The crank will come loose and then you can take it off.

11. The shifter cable tube rubs the frame and wears off a piece of paint

Put clear tape on the contact area.

Solving 25 headaches of bicycle problems(1)

12. Adjusting the rear derailleur still can't improve the noise and inaccurate shifting problem

The flywheel locking ring may be loose, causing the flywheel to shake slightly and make a noise when it turns. A special tool is needed to fully tighten the locking ring, but you can use your fingers to tighten it as much as possible to ensure a safe ride home or to a nearby store.

13. The flywheel is rusted

A small amount of rust will not speed up the wear of the flywheel piece, so there is not much to worry about. Usually, using a little more lubricant can prevent continued rusting, and the chain to wear off the rust when riding.

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