Washing and maintenance of outdoor jackets

Washing and maintenance of outdoor jackets

Washing and maintenance of outdoor jackets

The good jacket can not only keep warm, but also act as a raincoat in the rainy days, with certain technology content jacket is often expensive, who do not want such a piece of clothing prematurely "retired", so that the usual cleaning and maintenance is vital, for the jacket cleaning and maintenance methods you know how much it?

Hand wash.

1、Use a neutral detergent, use no more than 30 degrees of warm water to dissolve, and then soak the jacket for about 5 minutes;

2、Brush the dirty parts of the jacket with a soft brush, be careful not to use too much force;

3, Use a lot of water for rinsing, must be thoroughly rinsed off the detergent;

4, Don't wring out the operation of the submachine jacket, should be placed directly in the natural environment to dry, and pay attention to avoid sunlight exposure;

5、Don't iron the jacket at high temperature;

6、Unless the jacket is really dirty, it is not necessary to frequently clean the jacket to avoid damage to the jacket;

7, In order to better the maintenance of the submersible jacket, you should regularly use water repellent to repair and maintain the waterproofness of the submersible jacket.


Machine Washing

The main thing to do when machine washing a jacket is to choose a washing machine with a professional outdoor clothing washing and drying program that can protect the waterproof and breathable layer of the jacket.


1. Washing: washing machine to be able to adjust the appropriate rhythm and strength of washing, in the wash clean submachine clothing, to pay attention to avoid washing friction damage submachine clothing waterproof coating;


2. Rinsing: washing machine should have foam self-checking technology, can thoroughly remove detergent residues, to avoid chemical damage to the waterproof coating;


3. Dehydration: washing machine in the process of slowly taking out the water of the submachine jacket, can not damage the coating of the submachine jacket;


4. Drying: washing machine can be no higher than 55 degrees Celsius low temperature will be dried submachine clothing, so as to avoid high temperature damage waterproof breathable coating; if you can use with professional water repellent, the effect will be better.



1.Maintenance when wearing

The quality of the submersible jacket is relatively durable compared to ordinary clothing, but no matter how good the quality is, as the wearing time increases the waterproof breathable layer of the submersible jacket will gradually wear aging, therefore, in the daily wear, pay attention to the protection of the submersible jacket. When wearing outdoor travel, don't let the backpack squeeze the rucksack for a long time, because the long-term squeeze wear will accelerate the wear of waterproof breathable film of the rucksack, should pull the skirt of the rucksack to the top of the belt and then buckle the belt, so that you can effectively avoid the wear and tear of the rucksack brought by the backpack belt.


2.The stacking of the rushing jacket

For those who don't usually wear a pair of clothes, you should hang the jacket on a hanger and put it in the closet, rather than stacking the jacket in the closet with ordinary clothes. This is very easy to make the jacket full of lines and lose the sense of uprightness. And easy to make the pleated parts of the wear and tear, thus affecting the breathable and waterproof performance of the rushing jacket.


3.The rushing jacket should be properly cleaned according to the situation

This point may be a problem that everyone is easy to ignore, although the submersible jacket is more resistant to dirty clothing, but when the submersible jacket through a period of time after the surface will inevitably account for the dirty things, or by acidic rainwater wet, this time if not to wear the submersible jacket, it should be a cleaning of the submersible jacket.


This is because the breathable and waterproof performance of the jacket is mainly due to a waterproof and breathable membrane in its fabric, which is loose and porous and can insulate water droplets and allow gas to pass through. However, if the jacket is stained with mud or oil, the dirt will block the gap of the waterproof breathable membrane, which will lead to a reduction in the breathable performance of the jacket. In addition, there are certain acidic corrosive substances in the rainwater, which tend to accelerate the aging of the fabric, so in this case it will be necessary to clean the jacket.


4.Don't wash your jacket frequently

This point seems to be some contradiction with the above article, but the fact is not the case, the submachine jacket should be cleaned according to the situation, there are two kinds of situations, the first outdoor travel after wearing, stained with mud, oil, or after showering with rain; the second situation is when not wearing the submachine jacket for a long time. If it is not these two cases, but only the usual wear, should not be treated as ordinary clothing, only wear a week to clean, although the correct cleaning method can avoid damage to the submachine jacket, but for the submachine jacket with pressure rubber system of clothing, frequent cleaning is still very harmful. You should judge whether it's time to wash the jacket based on how dirty it is after wearing it, not on how long it's been worn.



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