Tips to make hiking easy

Tips to make hiking easy

Tips to make hiking easy

When hiking, you should eat and drink more: the definition of eat and drink more is not overeating, if you eat too much, it is estimated that the road may not be able to walk. The definition of "eat and drink" here refers to the frequency of eating and drinking. When hiking, the human body loses a lot of heat, so in order to replenish physical strength, you need to replenish water and food in a timely manner. You can drink more water appropriately before climbing a big slope. If the weather is hot and you sweat a lot, you can add some salt to your drinking water appropriately.
Pay attention to scientific rest in the process of hiking: generally, you need to rest for 10 minutes for every 50 minutes of walking, and different people can measure the increase or decrease according to their own situation.
Go at your own speed: Don't force yourself to go all the time, as this will consume a lot of energy and result in a desire to go faster than you can achieve. If you are hiking with a lot of people, it is best to find a companion who is about the same speed as you.

Measure your physical ability scientifically: the first few times you go out on a hike, it is best to stick to a number of hours, rather than planning how far you must go.
Learn to rest the gait: for walking, everyone has a set of their own way, when hiking, you should use a more comfortable way to walk, so that your physical strength can be used scientifically and effectively.
Don't just walk and miss the surrounding scenery: In outdoor hiking, strengthening your body is only one of the purposes, don't walk for some so-called "self-mutilation" purposes, the intensity of physical effort, sometimes it will not be worth the loss. The most appropriate speed for outdoor hiking is a speed that can sustain you for a whole day.



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