Winter Hiking Pants Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Winter Hiking Pants Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Winter Hiking Pants Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Winter hiking pants are pants designed for cold weather conditions and to keep you warm and comfortable while hiking in the winter. They have extra insulation and warmth, so they will keep you warm even when the temperature drops below freezing. There are other features such as leg gaiters or zippers for ventilation.

Winter hiking pants trap the heat from your body and reflect it back to you. This happens through the process of radiant heat transfer, where energy travels in waves between two objects at different temperatures. In the case of winter hiking pants, the fabric acts as one object (the warmer of the two), while your legs act as another object (the colder). This means that the heat generated by your body is reflected back to you instead of being absorbed by an external material like cotton or wool.

Are you looking for touring pants and don't know what to look for? No problem! We have summarized for you here, for which purpose, which pants are suitable. So you are guaranteed to find the pants that fit your needs.

Guide: Frequently asked questions

What types of winter hiking pants are there and what makes a good product?

There are three main types of winter hiking pants. The first is the traditional hiking pants, which are cut similarly to regular jeans but are made of more durable material and usually have extra features like reinforced knees or pockets to stash things you want to keep warm. They can be worn in any weather, as they protect you from wind and rain while being breathable enough to prevent sweat from forming when it's hot outside (though if you wear them alone on cold weather hiking, this doesn't always work).

The second type is waterproof/breathable pants, and have sealed seams at the leg ends to keep water out even when running through deep puddles. This means that while they're not quite as breathable as non-waterproof versions, your legs will stay dry no matter how wet it gets around you - perfect for anyone who spends most of their time out in bad weather. They also usually come with adjustable cuffs at both ankles to keep the snow out; however, there aren't many models available

A good pair of winter hiking pants should be made of a material that is windproof, waterproof and breathable. They should also have an adjustable waistband so you can wear layers underneath, as well as pockets on the side or back where you can store things like your cell phone, wallet, etc. The pants need to be comfortable enough that you can wear them all day without feeling uncomfortable. The pants should not only keep you warm but also dry in case it rains or snows while hiking. They are usually lightweight so they don't add extra weight to your pack when you carry them around on long hikes.

Winter Hiking Pants Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use winter hiking pants?

Anyone who wants to stay warm and dry while hiking in winter should use winter hiking pants. These pants are perfect for anyone who hikes, snowshoes or cross-country skis in the cold weather. They can be worn with any type of base layer, including long underwear, tights or leggings, depending on your activity level and comfort needs.

What criteria should you use to buy winter hiking pants?

The most important factor is your budget. Go for the best winter hiking pants you can afford. Opt for pants with plenty of pockets and compartments so you can easily access your belongings on the go. A good fit is also important, as it will not only keep the cold air out, but also the warm air in during winter hikes.

You should pay attention to the durability and also check the customer reviews for each model you are interested in.
Be sure to check the size of the winter hiking pants you're considering. They should fit at the waist and hips and be long enough to protect you from snow and rain without getting wet.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of winter hiking pants?


Winter hiking pants are designed to keep you warm in cold weather hiking. They consist of a waterproof and windproof outer layer and insulation on the inside that retains your body heat and keeps you warm, even when it's cold outside. The pants also have adjustable waist straps to fit comfortably over any type of base layer or hiking pants underneath. They also have more pockets and zippers for extra storage space, If you plan on camping or backpacking in the winter, these pants are perfect.


The disadvantages of winter hiking pants are that they can be quite bulky and heavy, especially if you want to wear them in warmer climates. They're also not as breathable as other hiking pants, so you'll sweat more in them. They also take up more space than other hiking pants because the insulation is usually thicker. If you don't like bulky clothing, this might not be for you.

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Buying advice: What you need to know about winter hiking pants

Piste tours

Piste tours

Let's start with the first category: piste tours. Most of the time, you're traveling a little faster there. Therefore, breathability and elasticity are particularly important.

We have two models for this category that are particularly suitable for piste touring. Both are figure-hugging hybrid pants that combine the best properties of different materials. In the front is used a material that is robust, lightweight and yet elastic. It repels wind and water. So when you're blowing down the slope it protects you from the headwind and keeps you warm.
At the back, a material is used that is particularly elastic. This allows the pants to fit perfectly and allow all movements. At the same time, the back material is very breathable. This allows excess body heat to be optimally released via the back.

They also super suitable for winter hikes or snowshoe tours.

Men's Fleece-Lined Cold Weather Snowboarding Pants

 Men's Fleece-Lined Cold Weather Ski Snowboarding Pants 07


Women's Windproof Ski Snowboard Pants 03



Alpine touring

Alpine touring

For those who like to go off-road, touring pants should protect you from wind and weather. That is, the pants should be windproof and repel water if you ever end up in deep snow. As in all categories, the ski touring pants should still be elastic and not slow you down.

In response to these requirements, we have developed these two winter hiking pants. Both ski-touring pants are proven classics in our range. They are, as they should be, elastic, windproof, water-repellent, and very robust. They are also slightly warmer, like the piste touring pants. These all-round pants are for those who see their focus in the alpine area, but occasionally make a piste tour

Men's Windproof Fleece-lined Hiking Pants 06
Women's Warm Hiking Pants for Winter 06

Men's Winter Hiking Pants Windproof Fleece-lined 06


Women's Winter Hiking Pants Warm 06


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