Why must I use locking pedals on my bike?

Why must I use locking pedals on my bike?

Why must I use locking pedals on my bike?

With the popularity of cycling, more and more cyclists have used self-locking pedals (referred to as "locking pedals"), perhaps most people grew up riding bicycles, they will feel that locking pedals are completely unnecessary, but many people who have used locking pedals will not change back to the previous way of riding with horizontal pedals, why is this?

To sum up, there are two points.

1.Save energy

    This is one of the best effects for aerobic exercises that are very physically demanding.

    Generally speaking, with self-locking pedals, you can save 25% of your energy, and you can easily ascend the hills that you used to struggle to ride. You may be uncomfortable at first, or you may feel that you can't get the hang of it, but with the locking pedals the movement becomes natural, and sometimes you can do low-speed off-seat riding and look professional. But once you ride fast and not, either remember to pedal and forget to pull or remember to pull and forget to pedal, it seems to take some time to adapt.

    The body leans forward, the front foot pedals and the back foot pulls, the human vehicle as one feeling is very wonderful, this is the two feet in the "concerted effort" to drive the disk rotation of an unusually smooth feeling.

    Why must I use locking pedals on my bike?
    2. Stability

      People who have used flat pedals, on bumpy rocky roads know that you have to step on the pedals to keep your feet from getting loose, there is no idea to step hard, but if you use self-locking you don't have to think about the trouble of finding the pedals with your feet. You can just focus on pedaling hard, as long as the handlebars, the problem of grabbing the foot lock pedal has been taken care of for you.

      The use of bad lock pedal will also bring you danger, with the lock pedal initial may not be able to quickly adapt to the parking time, generally used to the level of pedal people unconsciously in the parking time before the foot, and this habit often makes beginners jokes, such as "zero speed fall".

      The person who stepped on the lock pedal to the stop and then take off the pedal, because take off the need to turn the ankle to exit the lock state, need a time. Especially the beginner is not skilled in unlocking, to this time he can not take off the pedal at once, and at the same time lost balance had to fall to one side of the ground, if there is a car on one side, it is more dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended that the initial use of beginners should have a practice process to get off the car, the brain to have the awareness of the pedal before parking.

      A good lock pedal is not enough, a good pair of lock shoes is also essential, the good or bad shoes also directly affect the use of the lock pedal. The sole should be hard, shoes with the foot, tight but not uncomfortable, when unlocked, do not feel the foot and shoes have any gap, so you can fully feel the lock pedal to bring you the joy of cycling.

      Not to mention the benefits of using locking pedals for long distance riding. It allows for a change in the distribution of power between the legs, and the rear leg can also play a role in lifting, which makes riding less fatiguing and longer at high speeds.

      A very important part of the locking system is actually in the sole, because locking shoes usually do not bend, which prevents the pedaling power consumed in the arch material bending, but also can not be a greater proportion of the transmission to the pedals, invisible each foot is playing a greater efficiency.

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