Which road bike shorts & MTB shorts? Bike Shorts Buying Advice

Cycling Shorts for Every Situation and Type - A Brief Buying Guide

Cycling Shorts for Every Situation and Type - A Brief Buying Guide

With the right cycling shorts it goes highly motivated off on the tour! But which are the right ones? And what must they have on it and especially in it? The season, the variant of the bike and the rider himself provide the best solutions for the purchase decision.

For this reason, for example, a road cyclist needs different pants than a mountain biker and a woman understandably different from a man. To illustrate, here are some tips for buying the right cycling shorts.


First of all, every pair of cycling shorts should fit perfectly, regardless of the area of application. Since the ambitious cyclist also has to stay on the bike for several hours or perhaps even wants to master tours lasting several days, nothing should pinch or pinch here. The shorts must fit like a second skin - even in exceptional situations and on difficult passages. Flat seams that do not cut into the skin unpleasantly support the wearing comfort. In addition, the biker should make sure that a soft material has been used.


When it comes to materials, there is now an enormous selection of highly developed types of fabric, which should ensure an extremely high level of comfort. This also supports the robust properties of the individual cycling shorts. At the same time, however, the fabric should also be breathable. Especially during sweaty tours, the fabric must transport the moisture to the outside. This prevents unpleasant wetness on the skin and possible sores due to chafing of the fabric. At the same time, unpleasant odors can be avoided, which are caused by perspiration.


Cycling Shorts for Every Situation and Type - A Brief Buying Guide

Since most of the weight rests directly on the saddle when cycling, sufficient padding should not be underestimated in any case. This ensures that you can stay motivated in the saddle even on long distances and that not every kick hurts. The individual padding is based on the gender of the rider, the shape of the saddle and the type of bike. Here, not only ordinary foam is used for the protective padding. The individual inserts are sophisticated crumple zones with high-tech inner workings that are designed to provide optimum protection for the cyclist's buttocks and crotch area.


Cycling Shorts for Every Situation and Type - A Brief Buying Guide

The important thing with road bike shorts is that they really fit close to the skin. This is the only way to achieve optimal freedom of movement. At the same time, however, this also brings out the aerodynamic properties even better. Road cycling is mainly about speed and covering long distances. Precisely for this reason, baggy shorts would be completely out of place in this case. A real pair of road cycling shorts ensures little to no air resistance and thus an ideal riding experience.
Since the cycling shorts in this case are really extremely tight, they should be very elastic and robust at the same time. They must not constrict or cut in any case. Due to the constant pedaling movement, reinforcements in the crotch and thigh area are an absolute must. The shorts also want to be worn on more than just one tour.


To further optimize the perfect fit of road cycling pants, some models are equipped with straps. These keep the pants always in the place where they should be. At the same time, they offer the possibility in very hot temperatures to leave the jersey off from time to time without it being immediately considered inappropriate on the road. However, the choice of the right jersey as a combination partner to the cycling shorts should also not be underestimated.


Cycling Shorts for Every Situation and Type - A Brief Buying Guide

Unlike the shorts for road cyclists, the mountain bike shorts are not so figure-hugging. They resemble more casual shorts, but they really have it in them. On the inside, the bike shorts are optimally padded, which provides optimal protection on the saddle during down hills and on the trails. The slightly wider fit guarantees the mountain biker more freedom of movement, which he needs on rough terrain to keep his balance. Of course, with the mountain bike shorts but also the fashion aspect must not be missing. In combination with a casual jersey, the matching gloves and cycling shoes, as well as a cool helmet, you not only optimally protected, but also top styled over the trails.


Since the mountain biker's path leads almost exclusively through rough terrain, where it is not uncommon for branches, tree trunks and other objects to block his path, the cycling shorts must also protect the rider accordingly. The material from which they are made should therefore be robust and able to withstand certain external impacts. The crotch area and inner thigh area must also be reinforced to prevent the fabric from wearing through in these places. In addition, many of these cycling shorts with a handsome selection of pockets offer enough storage space for important little things, so that you do not always have to take a backpack on the trails.


Not all models are equipped with an integrated pad. In order to nevertheless obtain optimal wearing comfort on the bike, the use of padded cycling underpants is recommended. These are worn like normal underwear under the actual cycling shorts and then provide the so important protection in the crotch area.


The question when choosing long or short cycling shorts is quickly answered. For colder days a long, for warmer a short. However, there is a huge difference in long cycling shorts when it comes to thermal insulation. Special cycling shorts for very cold winter or autumn days offer optimal protection from the cold. Somewhat airier transitional pants for spring or even for cooler summer days, on the other hand, offer decent thermal protection and high breathability. And then there are the long pants, which are designed to provide leg protection from injury. On down hills or in forest trails, these are often used.

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