7 Best Tips for Hiking with Children

7 Best Tips for Hiking with Children

7 Best Tips for Hiking with Children

Mountain vacations and children's vacations are not mutually exclusive, they just require some flexibility and spontaneity. Because we all know that. Suddenly the kids don't want to and can't walk anymore, they lose the desire and great frustration spreads. But this does not have to be, because with the right tricks, even the hike with children can be a complete success. Let yourself in on it, because often adults lose sight of the essentials and children lead us with their desire to discover completely different places. Cycorld has compiled the 7 best tips for you on how to make hiking with children a complete success.

1. leave ambition at home

Higher, further, faster - often it's all about who has mastered the most vertical meters and the narrowest ridge. But children are far away from this thinking and if you want to run together with your little ones, you should leave the ambition at home. Choose short and varied routes. Explore forests and alpine meadows or hike along streams and rivers. Here the kids will constantly find new things to discover and as an adult you can slow down wonderfully. The older and more experienced the kids, the more you can dare to try new things and even a small, child-friendly via ferrata.

2. the equipment is doubly important

Do you still remember your first blister? Hurt pretty bad, didn't it? Even as an adult, you suffer enough in such a situation and only make it to your destination with clenched teeth, while a child capitulates immediately. It sees no reason to continue walking despite aching feet. Suitable and good shoes, a light backpack and the right clothes are even more important for children. There's no point in quickly buying new shoes just before the hiking vacation. It's better to bring the old, well-worn shoes and enjoy the hike without blisters.

7 Best Tips for Hiking with Children

3. scavenger hunt

Children have endless energy and run and romp, while we adults often don't take one step too many. Even when walking, they often run twice as much as we do. Leisurely, purposeful running is not in a young child's nature. To make sure you have a stress-free, leisurely hike and the little ones still get their money's worth, it may be an idea to combine the hiking route with a scavenger hunt. The kids have to find 5 different tree leaves or flowers, look out for nuts or seeds and the first one to discover 3 different animals wins a small prize. This is a great way to tackle even more challenging and longer routes.

4. themed hikes

The scavenger hunt is only topped by a real theme hike. On the path the children can put themselves directly into the past. Matching, small disguises increase the fun even more. Or one drives to experience paths, which there are numerous distributed in D-A-CH. Here there are exercises for balancing, you can listen to the forest and shout into it, you look with binoculars over slopes and use ropes to swing over small canyons. Treetop trails are also great themed hikes for kids.


5. take the right provisions with you

If you combine an exciting hike with a picnic, you've often already won. The little ones love breaks even more than we do and enjoy the right treats. Before setting off, you can pack the lunch box together and everyone gets to stow their favorite snack. Whether fruit, vegetable sticks, sandwiches or a piece of chocolate - anything that tastes good gives the children power for the second part of the walk.

6 Hiking together with other families

Just like us, our children love to spend time with friends. Especially on hiking trips, it can be motivating to plan these outings together with other families. The more children there are at the start, the better they can pass the time together with games. When two little detectives or Indians sneak along the hiking trail, the distance becomes secondary. Nice addition: The parents have time to talk in peace.

7. small rewards

Children want to be involved in the decision-making process, both when it comes to the route and when it comes to stopping for a bite to eat afterwards. Why not promise your kids that they get to choose the place to finish the day's hike and eat whatever they want? With the prospect of fries, little kids' legs will fly even faster. Or there's a little homemade medal at the summit, for all those who have reached it. It's often the little things that make children happy.


A small reward at the end of the hike gives kids a real boost of motivation.
Hiking is fun
Basically, it's all about getting kids excited about hiking and being out in nature. After all, you don't want to miss out on vacations in the mountains for the next 15 years. So teach your little ones that hiking can be fun and that it's not about success and records. Plan one more day of rest with a visit to a swimming pool, and the next day, relax and storm the next peak.

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