How to divide hiking equipment?(1)

How to divide hiking equipment?(1)

How to divide hiking equipment?(1)

1. Stacking system

(1) Reload package
(2) Rushing/Light Pack (<30L)

Uses: On the one hand, it can be used as a topping bag; at the same time, it can meet the loading requirements of 1 to 2 days (without replenishment); it can also be used as an inner compartment for repacking bags; it can also be used for daily use.

Configuration recommendations:

  • The outside of the bag must be equipped with a trekking pole mounting point
  • Waterproof function is better (if not, you can configure the inner waterproof bag)
  • Light carrying system (mainly to facilitate the balance of compression and carrying capacity, the carrying weight should be controlled below 5kg)
  • Can be slightly folded and compressed
  • No complicated compartments required
(3) Chest/waist bag (about 10L)

Purpose: carry-on bag; capacity expansion; inner bag.

Configuration recommendations:

  • Water proof
  • Anti-theft and light weight is better
  • Choose personality and beautiful colors
(4) Shoulder bag

Purpose: It is used to place items that can be picked up, such as water, power bank, snacks on the way, etc., which can greatly help improve travel efficiency.

Configuration recommendations:

  • Lightweight,
  • Quick-drying,
  • Convenient
(5) Divider bag

Purpose: used to separate the items in the bag

Configuration suggestions: Try to choose an ultra-light waterproof bag with a suitable capacity according to the size of the item, and choose the bundle or roll mouth form according to the waterproof and frequency of use.

2. Overlap system

(1) Head: sun hat + stocking cap + magic headscarf

Uses: protection, sunshade, warmth

Focus on sunshade: In the outdoor environment, there are a lot of sun exposure (especially in areas with particularly transparent air conditions). Personally, I believe that sun protection must be physically covered, convenient and environmentally friendly. Sunscreen is not recommended, because in fact, the benefits of sunscreen in the outdoor environment on foot are not good, mainly because of its short timeliness, low sun protection, environmental protection, extra weight and convenience, etc., which have no advantages.

Configuration recommendations:

  • Visor cap, it is recommended that the quick-drying and breathable cap can be matched with the subsequent hooded top to achieve a more harmonious sun-shading effect;
  • Woolen cap can play a role in keeping warm, of course, you can also consider fleece cap;
  • Magic headscarf has more functions and is not unfolded one by one. It is mainly used for sun protection on the face, so choose a quick-drying fabric with relatively high sun protection index and good air permeability.
(2) Upper body: inner layer + middle layer + middle layer + outer layer

Uses: The inner layer is used to keep warm, wick away sweat, reduce exercise restraint and relieve muscle fatigue; the middle layer keeps warm; the outer layer is wind-proof.

Configuration suggestions: quick-drying long-sleeved tights + quick-drying long-sleeved t-shirts (hoodies) + down jackets (hoodies) + thin fleece (hoodies) + lightweight rain windbreakers (hoodies, waterproof index daily standard 20000mm water column and (With ventilation design)

(3) Lower body: inner layer + middle layer + outer layer

Uses: The inner layer is used to keep warm, wick away sweat, reduce exercise restraint and relieve muscle fatigue; the middle layer keeps warm; the outer layer is wind-proof.

Configuration recommendations: (without the inside) quick-drying tight-fitting trousers + two-section quick-drying trousers (without belt) + lightweight rain wind pants (waterproof index daily standard 20000mm water column with ventilation design, no belt)

(4) Feet: shoes + socks

Purpose: Shoes allow us to get good protection in this activity that takes walking as the main way, including cushioning, non-slip and abrasion. Socks mainly keep your feet dry, partly fix the joints and cushion to prevent the feet from grinding;

Configuration recommendations:

About shoes

Non-slip + breathable + lightweight

Anti-slip, try to choose a sole with excellent anti-slip performance, which is represented by a certain V brand anti-slip technology. At the same time, it should be understood that there is no single anti-slip technology that can adapt to all road conditions in actual applications.

Breathable, personal experience. In the three-season lightweight walking process, breathability is more important than waterproof. It can be watered or dry quickly, and it can improve travel efficiency.

Lightweight, in daily use, the weight of the foot can be used for leg strength training or light work, and the reduction of foot weight can increase flexibility and greatly save physical energy, which is to improve safety and sustainability, so configure the foot The weight is very important.

In conclusion, choosing a pair of thick-soled mid-to-low skid-soled shoes is sufficient to cope with most road conditions. This section will only stop here. If necessary, you can share your views further in subsequent chapters. (So ​​far, I have used low-top breathable mesh shoes for the routes I have completed, for reference only.)

About socks

You can choose thicker professional hiking socks, and in some cases, you can also consider stacking.

(5) Hand: inner layer + outer layer

Uses: The inner layer of gloves is mainly used for basic skin protection and sun-shading; the outer layer needs to consider the use of local climbing sections and good waterproof and heat preservation functions.

Configuration suggestions: The inner layer of gloves mainly emphasizes comfort and fit, and the outer layer of gloves mainly emphasizes warmth, waterproof, windproof and wear resistance.

As mentioned above, the stacking system mainly considers the flexibility, quick-drying, comfort and portability of the inner and outer layers, and can be freely matched during use.

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